Creativity is intelligence having fun

... That is what internet told me. Not sure if it's true tho.. It is 5 am, my mom just went to work and I am still awake! This is bad.. I haven't stayed up this late for a very very loooooong time!! Fuck.. Well here is another drawing I just made...

A walking piece of art

Hey again! Been some time, again.. Well i have officially now quit music school. I did not finish it, but i changed to IKT, so im gonna be a fulltime computer geek! YAY! And i will now have time to make/play music as a hobby :D well reason I blog now is because; I cannot sleep.. So I'm here and I'm also drawing!! I made a sketch of my might be future tatoo! I really like it, but im not sure if it will fit me in the future.. Well, I'll see if i still like it tomorrow morning, the night is the time when weird things happen...

Clare de Lune

Since I was a child I've always loved the night sky. I would always prefer stars than hearts, and I always drew stars on my books. Whenever there's a full moon I would always admire it's beauty and feel a sadness over not being an astronaut. I can never visit the moon, but taking pictures of it is something that can make me feel closer. Just a little. For awhile.

I borrowed my friends lens when I went to qatar and forgot to return it when I got home. I kept the lens for some time and then one morning, I got the perfect moon right outside my door. I skipped the first term just so that I could enchance this beauty. It was worth it.

Lives Through Glass

I see them behind the glass, creatures engulfed by time. None of them looking up from their little screens, and none of them standing still.

Even as they stand, they move their feet or hands, each movement counting time. And eyes always locked on the little screen.

I see them behind the glass. A place where I stand still. I observe these creatures, one after another.

No matter how long I'm still, these creatures will never notice. And I sit here and observe these creatures, until my cup is empty.

Then I stand and am no longer still. As I exit and go to the other side of the glass, I transform into these creatures.

And I too am engulfed by time. And another from behind the glass will observe me , just like I observed these who once were complete alien to me.

The Beauty of Food

Eating is something I love the most. I feel happy every mouthfull I get. To taste the spices and the right ingredients mixed together just to add the little extra. Food is my life.

I had more pictures of food, however my phone crashed.. It totally died and now I am phoneless... And all the pictures I took are gone as well..

Following the Vintage-stream

I visited my friend some time ago. Her house was interesting, and I got some ideas when I was there. Here are the results :)

I've never tasted fish and pasta before, but it was really good!

This was on her fridge, haha! She got a dirty mind XD

I was quite happy with these pictures ^^

Apple Pie!

Hello hello!

How are you all? No one is reading my blog, except for one who keeps checking on me all the time. I dunno who you are though... But thank you!
SUMMER IS HERE!! YAY! Oh, how I've missed the sun! It's sooo nice to wear shorts and t-shirt and like walk around naked, hahahha!! Nah nah just kidding :P

Some months ago, when it was cold and icy and snowy, I asked my friend if he wanted to make me some Apple Pie. I've never tasted pie before, and I really wanted to have something sweet to eat after tasting the Apple Cake at work :P

My baking skills suck..so I couldn't make it myself hehehe.. Good thing I have friends XD
Even though it was late (23PM) he still did what I asked and it was delicious! Although it was a bit too sweet :P

The Deceiving Eye

I wanted to make something for the eye. Haha sounds weird, i know. What I meant was; I wanted to make something to fool the eye. I wanted to make it to seem like the picture was moving when the eye saw it. But I failed. It is not moving, but disturbing. Because the eye is not able to see every little detail, unless you zoom into it 100x :P So your head might hurt if you stare at it too long. My head does :P

I made this 1 year ago along with "Shapes Within Shapes". I finished it on paper, but I wanted to fix some details to make it better. But the tablet did not work as it was supposed to on my old computer. And also my computer died as well...

I still had it in my head and well now that UKM is coming along I thought that I could enter with this one :P So for these past weeks I've been working non stop with this. I've been sleeping 4 am. at every weekend to finish this. Being an (noob) artist is hard lol XD

Royal Rose

I've always liked roses. I know there are several kinds of flowers, but there's something special about roses. Whenever I see them I feel that they are so much more..


I feel like they are the kings and queens of all flowers. They're beautiful, and it looks like time has stopped for them, like they are forever beautiful.


Like sleeping beauty. She sleeps and sleeps and sleeps for hundred years, and still she is beautiful when she lays on the bed waiting for someone to kiss her. And when her eyes open *POP* magic.


Delicious white men

When I was at my friends house I asked him if I could borrow his kitchen. I wanted to make some white cake men for my parents, as a new years gift. His cute little sister helped us too ^^



I really liked the dreamy effect I got on this picture 8D



They tasted REALLY good ;D I hope everyone have had a happy christmas!


I finally cracked PS CS6 yesterday. I LOVE IT! I really like that it is black and not white, like the old ones. It makes me see the colours and the differences much easier. And to be able to edit pictures again without the program to fuck up is HEAVEN!


I've been using a free editing program Photobucket.com and well, it is real nice, but it fucks up all the time, and it's really annoying >> Well I love CS6! I'm gonna go and take lots and lots of pictures in the future ^^


Cupcakes :D

Hehe, made some cupcakes and sushi with some friends on Saturday ^^ We failed to make the creme/topping and my friends went berserk with the decorating lol XD I tried something new on PS and it was a bit different from how I usually edit my pictures and how I use colors and stuff..But it turned out pretty nice. Well atleast I think so :P

I have to say, I REALLY like this picture!

Photoshoot: Sexy MAMA!

HAH! I have to say I look hot as hell lol. I never really thought I would look hot or sexy or at least female at all, but seriously this project convinced me. I am HOT! Well or I CAN be if I WANT to HAHHAA!! Oh and why Sexy MAMA? Because I look hot and because I had the song MAMA from EXO-K when I thought of the name :P Everything is done by me. Makeup,clothes, style , picture and PS. Ye I know, I'm such a loner .__.

I have to say, It was hard to not look like a slut...Or maybe i do look like a slut e.e Anyways these are the pics which I am going to print and let 300+ students see..AHAHAHA!! Let's hope they won't think of me as a slut .__.

Photoshoot: Anti-Mainstream!

Heh, here's outfit/theme nr. 2! Which is ANTI-MAINSTREAM! I had sooooo much fun with this!! You can see that everything screams Anti-mainstream, cause of the clothes, make up and destroying magazines lol XD Well further down you will see some pictures of me eating meat, reason is; People think too much about dieting and never eat etc. so what those pics means is: FUCK YOU! I EAT WTF I WANT! And fyi I have 2 chopsticks in my hair lol.

#Bitch Please!

Photoshoot: Erokawa!

So here is ONE of the theme's/outfits I made/planned out and took pictures of :D Uhm.. I have to say;I look hot lol XD I am going to print them out and put them together, like a collage, and show them to 300+ students at school. Yay... Anyways Erokawa means Erotic Kawaii, which means SEXYHAWTCUTEPIE!! Kind of -w- And LOOK AT MY GUITAR (S)!! ISN'T IT HOOOT!!!?!

Fuck, I have to fix my stomach e.e

I should totally become a model xD

Seriously I love fashion soooooo much!

Macarons = Marzipan + rainbows II

Haven't done anything interesting this week. Just making clothes, drawing and completely ruining my sleep routine .__. Now I am maybe going to make some food to eat since I'm hungry and I'm totally craving for sweets! And later gonna do some homework which I haven't done yet , which was supposed to be done for some weeks ago AHAHAHHA! Yeah, I hate school.

Macarons = Marzipan + rainbows I

I took these pictures when I was in France ^^ I've always wanted to buy them and take pictures of them, cause they have such pretty colors, and they look soooo cute :D Also not all Macarons taste the same. Each place have different recepies, so there are some place where they taste REALLY delicious and some who taste like shiet XD Lucky for me I got the yummy ones, while my friends got the shitty ones AHHAHAH!!

, Porsgrunn

I am pretty much a stereotype asian.