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My Style - 17.01.13 - GAME OVER

This is old.. Well the winter is killing me and I am thinking more of warmth than how I look.. So I haven't had anything special to show ._. I also have stopped using make up. I will not use foundation for this whole month and see how my skin will look like. It's been almost 2 weeks, and I've decided; I will never use foundation again. My skin is sooo nice now, I've stopped getting acne and I now love Biotherm Aquasource! I still use eyemakeup though, or else I would look like a total kid hahah XD

Hah! I've also FINALLY got a job!! The pay is SUPER! 150kr/h HOHOHOHO!! And all I do is sit on a chair XD

My Style - 14.01.13

Ye...I haven't been active for a long time ehehhe XD I'm really busy. Going to school is killing me, i REALLY need a vacation soon ._. I don't have any energy when I get home, I just want to lay on the bed and sleep. I really hate winter, it makes me lazy and grumpy... Can't summer come sooner TwT

My Style 23.11.2012 - Black, red and leopard

Bought the shirt from eBay. And made something to go along with it haha XD I really don't know what to write on these outfit posts... I'm sorry for the bad quality pictures, but it's cause I crop my pictures and I stand like 3m from the camera + I have bad light as well ._. The lights I use for photoshoot aren't working anymore, I have no idea why, and it annoys me e_e


My Style 21.11.2012

Just put something together that day. I was supposed to study math that day.. But ended up going out with friends at a cafe and burn money... November has been a depressing month. Lots of people around me are getting depressed and I suck at feelings .__. I am such a sucky friend... But I am really happy that I am their friend, and that they are actually willing to be mine as well ^^



My Style 20.11.2012 - Galaxy kitties and God/Satan

Everything I'm wearing in this outfit is from eBay (except the boots) haha XD They came the same day before and I thought they looked good together, so I went to school like this :P I LOVE my boots, they match with EVERYTHING! + they are super comfy to wear and warm ^^ hehe I got lots of attention from people that day..


My Style 03.11.2012

Hehe, I finally bought some skeleton tights ^^ I really liked this look, even though I stood out but fuck it. I am already an asian with purple hair, why not just go all the way XD I seriously love my Dr. Marten shoes :D Even though they're fake..But no one can tell MUAHAHHA!!! I really have to get better at blogging..I gotta get back to the community hahah :P



How was your halloween btw ^^?

My Style - A day in October

Yeah, I know it's been awhile since my last outfit, but it's cause I am lazy hahah XD And also because I haven't been wearing anything "special" either. I see no point in taking OOD pictures when I am only wearing a normal sweater and jeans.. Besides, I don't think there's anyone reading this blog anymore.. I'm not gonna quit though :P The first picture looks a bit short cause I had to make it shorter. Well, shool's been fun, but tiring. I was supposed to sleep loong ago, but ended up editing pictures :P Also my hair is purple. But there's gonna be another post for that!


My Style 02.10.2012

I <3 MOUSTACHE! I got the top as a gift from my friend. She bought it for me when she was in Sweden, how kind of her ^^ I LOVE IT :D Also love my new hair~~!


My Style 28.09.2012

So this is what I wore for 2 days ago :D I didn't find anything to wear, so I ended up with a skirt , hehe! It felt really weird, since I don't usually wear skirts, but it was fun ^^ I haven't blogged because I don't have Photoshop on my mac.. And I kinda don't want to crack either...Since this is not my mac, yet. BUT I found Photobucket :D I remember I used it like years ago BEFORE i got Photoshop, AND I LOVE IT! It is sooooo much better than Gimp! Hehe, so I've been editing pictures for like 3 hours now? And here are some of them ^^


This is how I looked like for 2 days ago (since it is over midnight, but it was actually yesterday), I do NOT look like this now...I have pink hair XD

My Style 03.09.2012

Hey there, long time no see eh :D? Well, the reason why I havent blogged is because my PC is dead..Or actually the battery is dead and so is the charger... How it happened? No idead >> So editing pictures has not been easy.. I just downloaded GIMP and well, I hate it! It sucks like hell! I miss PS so much TwT Well, here is My Style of the day ^^

Hihi, I LOVE these shoes!!!

My Style 02.07.2012

Yo, so Oslo was fun. Kinda killed my legs, but worth the trip ^^ Used lots of money on food and clothes and spent my whole time searching for Dr. Martens shoes. Ended up with nothing, and I'm just gonna buy them on net. Here's some photos of my outfit today XD Everything was bought in Oslo, except for the boots -w-

Gonna go to McDonalds now, cya in a few days or weeks xD

My Style 07.06.2012

Lol, I felt like a total dude today when I wore this.. I got lots of eyes on me as well, not sure if it was positive or negative e_e Anyways, all I kinda needed to complete this look was a board. I kinda planned to roll around on my Waveboard..But dropped it cause else I would be late for the dentist appointment :P I found this denim jacket again today after not finding it for like 2-3 years, and this is the first time I use it XD I found it in a second hand store and it was actually new, cause the tag and everything was still on O.o So, yay for me ^^

I totally forgot to take pictures of the back, but it has a tiny tiny USA flag and under says "FIDODIDO USA" in big sewed in letters. Which I have no idea what it means O.o

I kinda always end my outfit posts with a pic of myself, so why not on this one too XD?

PS! I don't have any pictures from my Sweden trip cause my camera broke when i was driving a roller coaster..It kinda fell off from the roller coaster while I was in it ...BUT I will tell the story another time, I actually have 3 stories to tell ^^

My Style 30.05.2012

Yeah.. I haven't blogged much lately.. But then again, not that many reads my blog. And well I kinda wanna know who they are .___. Nothings really happening, except for exam, and the class tour in Sweden on Saturday to Monday. And like lots and lots of Bday parties, including my own :P I'm having a break out, my skin is fucking ugly and I hate it! I mean it was SO pretty a while ago, and then suddenly IT GOES TO HELL!! So every time i go out I'm like..Fuck, gotta use make up >> I hate to be ugly, gad! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!

My hat is awzume XD It's too big , but still love it :P

Shoes -w-

And I had to edit ALOT to make my skin look like this... So cya :D

My Style 09.05.12

I think I got back my inspo for clothes again :D I seriously needed the hair change >w< And I seriously got to print the pictures soon so that I can hang them on my wall and make a collage :D

(I did not wear the cat ears out in the public XD)


Cut my hair! Before&After pics!

Well I kinda got bored of my hair and I had lots of split ends and dry hair, and using conditioner just didn't work, and I wanted a change and therefore I cut my hair :D I didn't really know what hairstyle to get and well somehow a bob came to mind. It ment removing more than half of my head, but hey, it's not like the first time I've done that XD So I went to the salon with pretty much no ideas, and I asked the stylist if a bob would suit me, and what kind of hairstyles suit my faceshape. And well after probably 10minutes we both agreed on what to do and she killed my hair.




All in all I like it -w- It suits me more than I thought o_O And well now I'm going to let it grow and then dip dye my head, and probably get a sidecut later ^^

My Style 08.05.12

I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH HEELS TODAY!!! WEE~~~I have to say, I felt so businesswomanoldishlike XD Whenever I walk it goes like *clikclack**clickclack*

My FFXIII Necklace :D I made it myself in 8-9th grade! SO PROUD! My sister broke a piece and well I never found it again, and therefore could not fix it ;___;

BAH! I look like an alien XD

Another DIY Tee :P

Can't believe I used 5 hours to fucking clean..No shiet. Cleaned the bathroom, my own room, reorganised the shoes and clothes + made some/redid some clothes :D Most of them were shorts, and well It's not so interesting to see lol. BUT here's a T which I destroyed and remade ^^

I was about to throw this away, and well then I got the idea to experiment on it, and now I'm keeping it lol XD Also I REALLY want to dip dye my hair, I just don't know what color D: Right now my hair's a redbrown color, and well I am planning to have black hair again, but not so sure right now..

Know any color that fits black?

DIY Clothes!

Some clothes I made :D Seriously I've never seen anyone in Norway wear something that shows their stomach (except bikini). But I've seen stores selling clothes that reveal their stomach, and like why the fuck don't people use them &gt;&gt; They are like REALLY nice ya know .__. Though I know that people will stare as fuck, but hey who cares when you love fashion ^^?

Yes, I wrote this. Problem?

My Style 30.03.2012 - Bunny~~!

Heh, was a bunny today ^^ ( Yes I know, I have no boobies >>)

Is it just me or does tights make your legs look thinner and like longer e.e?

I had my first excercise today since like EVER! And I wasn't tired at all! Which is kinda amazing.. I actually liked it e.e I'm kinda sleepy now, so I'll go to sleep XDHAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!

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