desember 2012

Royal Rose

I've always liked roses. I know there are several kinds of flowers, but there's something special about roses. Whenever I see them I feel that they are so much more..


I feel like they are the kings and queens of all flowers. They're beautiful, and it looks like time has stopped for them, like they are forever beautiful.


Like sleeping beauty. She sleeps and sleeps and sleeps for hundred years, and still she is beautiful when she lays on the bed waiting for someone to kiss her. And when her eyes open *POP* magic.


Delicious white men

When I was at my friends house I asked him if I could borrow his kitchen. I wanted to make some white cake men for my parents, as a new years gift. His cute little sister helped us too ^^



I really liked the dreamy effect I got on this picture 8D



They tasted REALLY good ;D I hope everyone have had a happy christmas!

African Dinner

So I went over to my friend yesterday, and even though I've known him for 10 years, it was the first time I was at his place.. Like not just dropping by, but seriously staying at his place, meeting his family and doing stuff together... Sounds weird but somehow it ended up that way XD His mother made some food and I was hungry and I wanted to know how african food tasted like.


He gave me a huge bowl. In that bowl there was this weird soup, it wasn't "soup" soup cause it was really sticky.. And there was this huge "bread" thing made of sweet potatoes mashed and teared together, and then cooked together..


I have to say it was really weird, but it was delicous :D It had a special taste. Everytime when I take a new bite I first smell this weird sense of alcohol, but it disappears real quick, then a special sour taste follows up, then you feel the stickiness of the potato and the "soup", then you swallow and your mouth taste nothing..

It's really special, and you just have to eat it to understand what I mean hahaha XD Also I kinda failed cause my friend told me that you have to eat with your hands to really enjoy the food, but I used a spoon instead hahaha XD


I finally cracked PS CS6 yesterday. I LOVE IT! I really like that it is black and not white, like the old ones. It makes me see the colours and the differences much easier. And to be able to edit pictures again without the program to fuck up is HEAVEN!


I've been using a free editing program Photobucket.com and well, it is real nice, but it fucks up all the time, and it's really annoying >> Well I love CS6! I'm gonna go and take lots and lots of pictures in the future ^^



I got tired of my old design..It looked so, hmm...Mainstream hahah XD So I made a new one. It took me SEVERAL HOURS, because I totally forgot everything >> Oh well, I like it alot, so I hope you enjoy it ^^


Christmas is all about getting fat

Christmas is the time when everyone eats load of carbs and shit and get fat, together. It is the time of the year when nobody cares what they put in their mouth. They just stuff their faces with everything they see. I love xmas. Xmas means food, and I love food. Especially xmas food! But there are also times when you just want to relax in front of the fireplace to get warm and drink a hot cup og cocoa. Or grill marshmallows ^^


Mmmmm~~~! So yummy and delicious~~~!


I honestly never think of what I stuff my mouth with. If it tastes good I will eat until I cannot eat any longer, then wait 30min and eat desert hahah xD Of course I do exercise, so that I won't kill my body :P

My wish was granted way before xmas

Hello hello! It's been some time yes. It's been such a busy month, I've been singing in church 2 times and I've had concerts, and I've had plenty of reports to write and submit... High school isn't as hard as I thought, but my grades aren't the best either.. So I really have to get better ._. Well it is now xmas and all I have to say is MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you guys have had a fun and cheerful day! I didn't buy any xmas gifts this year so I didn't get much, BUT I made some gingermen and whitecakemen (?) and handed them out to my friends ^^ What I got was money and candy hahah XD
For me xmas came some weeks ago. That's when I got what I wanted; a gameboy and pokemon. + I got PSP and GTA...


I planned on buying a gameboy but instead my friend just gave it to me.. He just gave me a PSP and Gameboy and GTA..Out of nowhere. Well I am VERY grateful! Cause I LOVE them soooo much!! I love them more than jewelry! I am very easy to please, just buy me food or give me a game haha xD 23

GAH!! LOOK AT IT!! ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL?! I just LOVE IT soooo much! I wish they still kept the design like this.. It's so much cuter than the new DS's .___.

When I got home I went on Finn.no and bought myself a pokemon game right away haha XD My friend gave me Yoshi's Island. Omg, so many memories!! It felt like I was a child again. Oh childhood , I miss you :'(


And just some days ago my other friend gave me his phone.. He bought it for like about 2 months ago, and he just got a Samsung S3. And I got his old phone HAHAH!! I really love my life ^^

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Years humans!!

Good night tea

Hello~~ I've noticed that I no longer make posts about my daily life..Only about my outfits or if something BIG happens,which is not often. Not many are reading my blog, that's probably because I'm not so active. I don't read others blogs or comment on their posts. And therefore I get nothing from them.. Which has resulted in me not blogging that much about my life. I don't live an interesting life. And there's no point in writing the same everyday... Anyways I'm just rambling, so here's a good nigth post from me XD

Btw, I colored my hair again, on monday. It's much darker now. It is a dark purple red. Turned out darker than I expected on my neon red... But now I don't have to worry about my roots hhehe :P

, Porsgrunn

I am pretty much a stereotype asian.