november 2012

My Style 23.11.2012 - Black, red and leopard

Bought the shirt from eBay. And made something to go along with it haha XD I really don't know what to write on these outfit posts... I'm sorry for the bad quality pictures, but it's cause I crop my pictures and I stand like 3m from the camera + I have bad light as well ._. The lights I use for photoshoot aren't working anymore, I have no idea why, and it annoys me e_e


My Style 21.11.2012

Just put something together that day. I was supposed to study math that day.. But ended up going out with friends at a cafe and burn money... November has been a depressing month. Lots of people around me are getting depressed and I suck at feelings .__. I am such a sucky friend... But I am really happy that I am their friend, and that they are actually willing to be mine as well ^^




My Style 20.11.2012 - Galaxy kitties and God/Satan

Everything I'm wearing in this outfit is from eBay (except the boots) haha XD They came the same day before and I thought they looked good together, so I went to school like this :P I LOVE my boots, they match with EVERYTHING! + they are super comfy to wear and warm ^^ hehe I got lots of attention from people that day.. 


Barry M; Touch of magic pink

Hello, humans :D Sorry for not blogging awhile, but I've been busy, as always hehe :P Well, I've been shopping on eBay and       I've got some of the items some weeks/days ago. I bought this lipstick from Barry M. I've never heard of them before and did      not think that this kind of lipstick existed, until I tried my friends lipstick.


It is green, but when it touches your skin it turns into a very pretty pink. The color depends on your skins pigments, so each   girl will get their own uniqe color :D 

How awezume isn't that! And not only do you get your own lip color, BUT it is SUPER waterproof! It freaking stays on your      lips the whole day! No matter what you eat or drink, it is still there. You will never have to do touch ups with this XD

BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER


I LOVE this lipstick! It will stay on forever! And even if it fades, it turns into a very cute pink :D BTW: The color is actually much much stronger irl ^^

I recommend EVERYONE to buy this XD

Read all about it - Emeli Sande (cover)

Suddenly got this song stuck in my head since Sunday. It just popped up out of nowehere. Decided to learn it, went through the lyrics and chords. I knew only the basic melody so I'm not following the original song. I kinda made it my own :P


Hello, my head is purple ^^

Hehe, yeah. My hair's been changing alot during these 3 months haha XD I used pure color to dye my hair. So my roots are still visible, but not as much as when my hair was pink. I really like this color. It's a really special color :D Btw my tips are a dark violet so it looks like ombre. I didn't plan it at all. it just turned out that way HAHA! 


My Style 03.11.2012

Hehe, I finally bought some skeleton tights ^^ I really liked this look, even though I stood out but fuck it. I am already an asian with purple hair, why not just go all the way XD I seriously love my Dr. Marten shoes :D Even though they're fake..But no one can tell MUAHAHHA!!! I really have to get better at blogging..I gotta get back to the community hahah :P




How was your halloween btw ^^?

My Style - A day in October

Yeah, I know it's been awhile since my last outfit, but it's cause I am lazy hahah XD And also because I haven't been wearing anything "special" either. I see no point in taking OOD pictures when I am only wearing a normal sweater and jeans..  Besides, I don't think there's anyone reading this blog anymore.. I'm not gonna quit though :P The first picture looks a bit short cause I had to make it shorter. Well, shool's been fun, but tiring. I was supposed to sleep loong ago, but ended up editing pictures :P Also my hair is purple. But there's gonna be another post for that!


Turning page - Sleeping at last (live cover)

So here is a video of me and my friend ^^ I've been learning piano for 2 months, so I am not a pro. It took me 3 days to learn this song and 2 days to learn tir na noir. My friend just called me one Saturday night and asked me if I wanted to play the guitar for a friend of mine. And I just said yes.. hahah xD I had no idea of what I said yes to... But it was fun. Even though it was the most tiring week I've ever had... I think i overused my brain HAHAH! Well my friend ( the one who's singing) also had a tough week, she had to learn the lyrics in 3 days and not only that she had to learn 3 other lyrics, and those were opera. Yeah , she's an opera singer :P  



, Porsgrunn

I am pretty much a stereotype asian.