august 2013

Let's get some Breakfast!

Hey hey! For about a month ago, my friends and I decided to have a sleepover and sleep outside on the trampoline under the stars on a beautiful romantic summer night in one of our gardens.

I don't have a trampoline so we couldn't do it at my house, my other friend lives near the road so we couldn't do it there either. In the end we went to the last one of us and slept there. I have pictures but I am not allowed to post them..

So all I can show you are pictures of our breakfast the next day.. Hahahah :P

I should just really open a blog where all I talk about is food.. And how delicious it fucking is XD

I've noticed how I take pictures lately and it is becoming more and more bloggish.. Good or not I'm not quite sure.. I haven't really thought much of it really. Well atleast the pictures are mine and not from Google/weheart/tumblr and well..not mine >>

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