juni 2013

Back from wonderland

It feels unreal. I don't feel at home. I want to go back. To the place where I made friends, where I really was SOMEONE and not just someone.

I came to London with nothing. Literally. Nothing. My suitcase was empty, I only had what I wore to the airport.

But I came back with both of my suitcases full and with many precious memories.

It's just been some hours since I came home, but I already miss everyone very much.

I want to go back.

Following the Vintage-stream

I visited my friend some time ago. Her house was interesting, and I got some ideas when I was there. Here are the results :)

I've never tasted fish and pasta before, but it was really good!

This was on her fridge, haha! She got a dirty mind XD

I was quite happy with these pictures ^^


I was up pretty late yesterday.. I was sorting my pictures from waaay back in January and edited some. I didn't sleep until 5 AM...I'm such an idiot.
Well I went out to buy some stuff for tomorrow, I'm going to London!

Alone, well not technically alone, with a friend. No parents, no teachers, just us two on a trip in london :D

It's gonna be sooo much fun! It was time for vacation, I've been doing nothing but work and go to school.

There are plenty of stuffs on my mind but I just want to get away. Just leave for some days. Just have fun and not think.

Apple Pie!

Hello hello!

How are you all? No one is reading my blog, except for one who keeps checking on me all the time. I dunno who you are though... But thank you!
SUMMER IS HERE!! YAY! Oh, how I've missed the sun! It's sooo nice to wear shorts and t-shirt and like walk around naked, hahahha!! Nah nah just kidding :P

Some months ago, when it was cold and icy and snowy, I asked my friend if he wanted to make me some Apple Pie. I've never tasted pie before, and I really wanted to have something sweet to eat after tasting the Apple Cake at work :P

My baking skills suck..so I couldn't make it myself hehehe.. Good thing I have friends XD
Even though it was late (23PM) he still did what I asked and it was delicious! Although it was a bit too sweet :P

, Porsgrunn

I am pretty much a stereotype asian.