juni 2012

I *heart* SUN!

It's been lots of rain and cloudy lately, but finally TODAY IT IS SUNNY!! OH! How much I love the sun :D It is so warm and shiny and makes me so happy! I love summer in Norway, cause the sun is up pretty much 24/7 ^^ And well, here is what I've been doing :

Colored my hair red, cause well I wanted to XD

This is how it looks like in the sun ^^

And tomorrow I'll be going to Oslo to go shopping and see artists sing -w-

Please vote!

Uhm, so I am in a photocompetition. And well I know the chance to win is REALLY REALLY tinytinyxtrasmall, but I decided to try .__. I kinda need a camera right now, cause mine died on my trip to Sweden... It got totally smashed TwT I decided to use this picture:

(Without the watermark ofc)

Canon is the one launching it. And they are giving out 3 Canon IXUS 510 HS cameras. 1 for the best photo, and 2 for those with most votes... I find it stupid for competitions to go by vote .__.


My new-life plan

So, since it's summer I've got lots of time. This is actually my first summer vacation since 2010, I've been working the other years. And well instead of sitting inside and like die in front of the computer, why not do something like, you know, get a new life?

So I've been making this plan which I am going to follow the whole summer starting tomorrow XD

I am going to excercise EVERYDAY, because I am not in shape. My stamina sucks..And I am not able to run as fast as before, so I am going to fix that :P Also I need muscles. My body don't wanna gain fat so I am going to gain muscles instead -w- So if I get raped I can fight my way out ^^

I am also going to get better at playing the guitar and piano, and I am going to draw more, and get some nice skillz~~ So that I later can brag/know that I am good at it XD I am also going to eat more healthier food -w- Other than that nothings really happening in my life :P

Shopping ;D

Well.. I kinda don't have much to blog about. So I guess I'll just make a post of what I've bought today, yay :D

Finally some real sneakers, gonna use them ALOT this summer!

High waist shorts that I've wanted some time now...

And some random tshirts I found interesting ^^

Do not underestimate the word "Exam"

So In 2 days I've been working on my English exam which I am going to have tomorrow. I got the task to write about the conflicts and peace in Northern Ireland. I've written everything down on paper, made the PowerPoint presentation BUT I CAN'T GET IT IN MY HEAD! Everything I've written I CAN'T REMEMBER! I hate history D: IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH BETTER IF I GOT SCINCE!! I hate that I'm lazy .__. It really annoys me how lazy I am, and that I know how lazy I am but still won't change lol. So everythings particularly my own fault TWT

(Picture by somewhere and someone on weheartit)

There's been SOO many things that have happened and I have to remember them! I mean IT'S FUCKING 400 YEARS HISTORY, AND I HAVE TO PRESENT IT IN 15 MINUTES! AND FUCKING REMEMBER EVERYTHING! Meh, lazy ass me.. If I find this little thing difficult, I bet I'm gonna die on my new school .__.

Birthday Party !

So, yesterday I celebrated my Birthday (which is actually tomorrow :P) and I had a great time :D I was kinda expecting some more um..chaos, but nothing really happened -w- There were more emo ppl than I thought there would be, but it's just how it is. There will always be some emo's at a party .__.

Here are some of my friends, the rest sat on the side ^^

And here I am, singing, or rather screaming XD Lol O kinda killed my friends ears AHAHA!!

And then a picture of the rest who were still there at the end of the day, not long after this picture was taken, everyone went home.

Heh, I've been editing lots of pictures today. And now I have pictures ready to print out so that I can put them in my little memo book ^^ So I have photos from my birthday yesterday, last year, england trip in 2010, madrid trip in 2011 and my vacation in Vietnam in 2012 :D My life is sooo much fun ^^ Maybe I'll transfer my trip in Vietnam and Japan from 2007 into that book too o.O?

My Style 07.06.2012

Lol, I felt like a total dude today when I wore this.. I got lots of eyes on me as well, not sure if it was positive or negative e_e Anyways, all I kinda needed to complete this look was a board. I kinda planned to roll around on my Waveboard..But dropped it cause else I would be late for the dentist appointment :P I found this denim jacket again today after not finding it for like 2-3 years, and this is the first time I use it XD I found it in a second hand store and it was actually new, cause the tag and everything was still on O.o So, yay for me ^^

I totally forgot to take pictures of the back, but it has a tiny tiny USA flag and under says "FIDODIDO USA" in big sewed in letters. Which I have no idea what it means O.o

I kinda always end my outfit posts with a pic of myself, so why not on this one too XD?

PS! I don't have any pictures from my Sweden trip cause my camera broke when i was driving a roller coaster..It kinda fell off from the roller coaster while I was in it ...BUT I will tell the story another time, I actually have 3 stories to tell ^^

, Porsgrunn

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