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My Style 30.05.2012

Yeah.. I haven't blogged much lately.. But then again, not that many reads my blog. And well I kinda wanna know who they are .___. Nothings really happening, except for exam, and the class tour in Sweden on Saturday to Monday. And like lots and lots of Bday parties, including my own :P I'm having a break out, my skin is fucking ugly and I hate it! I mean it was SO pretty a while ago, and then suddenly IT GOES TO HELL!! So every time i go out I'm like..Fuck, gotta use make up >> I hate to be ugly, gad! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!

My hat is awzume XD It's too big , but still love it :P

Shoes -w-

And I had to edit ALOT to make my skin look like this... So cya :D


Yeah, I've been gone for awhile, but that's because I've been busy with school and therefore haven't been any interesting stuff to blog about. Well, I've been working on my art project and it was finally done last week. So now there are 16 pictures of me, on a wall, at school...And 300+ people are able to see it each time they walk past the wall .___.

What else? I had my exam yesterday. It was math and well, it went to hell. Other things? I found out that alcohol can do LOTS of things to people...Especially to those who have never been drinking before. Beware for the alcoholvirgins. Teach them how to drink properly, so that you won't end up with a broken house...Just saying.

Other than those 3 things; IT'S FUCKING SUMMER!! FINALLY THE SUN IS HERE!

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(Fresh from shower after tanning lol XD)

I've been waiting FOREVER for the sun , so that i can sweat, tan and walk in shorts 24/7! And I don't have school tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! YAAYAYA!! And right now I'm redownloading online games on my laptop, cause I've fucking missed gaming XD I'm thinking of buying a new PC as well, cause, well I am a gamer and I do not like to game without proper gaming things, lol XD

Which is the reason why i undownloaded the games i had, and now redownloading cause I miss it so much -w-

Oh well, now I'm gonna eat and then start gaming HOHOHOOH!!


Just some minutes ago I got a message from my friend that she made it. They accepted her.

The school which we both applied for accepeted her. Right then my net crashed, and I got fucking frustrated.

BUT after running here and there with the computer trying to get some netsignals, i logged on, found my mail and read this: Kvittering - nskets statusnr er endret til en tilbuds-status. TRANSLATION: You're in. (it's not the EXACT translation, just made it shorter XD)

Well, technically I'm not 100% in, neither her, or any other students who got their mail. BUT I DO KNOW that my chances are pretty high cause for the last few months/this year I've been working my ass off to get good grades. And I am pretty much a 5 which is a B. I am not an A, cause well my teachers do not like me... They have to absolutely find every little thing to perk on!

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I have to say, to fucking wait for this mail and know that it is in your mailbox WITH the answer and have to fucking wait for the internet to cooperate and get all super nervous and have tinglish feeling in your stomach, WAS FAR WORSE THAN AT THE AUDITION!!

Now I just have to do well on my exams that are to come, one of them is on the next monday!


My Style 09.05.12

I think I got back my inspo for clothes again :D I seriously needed the hair change >w< And I seriously got to print the pictures soon so that I can hang them on my wall and make a collage :D

(I did not wear the cat ears out in the public XD)


Cut my hair! Before&After pics!

Well I kinda got bored of my hair and I had lots of split ends and dry hair, and using conditioner just didn't work, and I wanted a change and therefore I cut my hair :D I didn't really know what hairstyle to get and well somehow a bob came to mind. It ment removing more than half of my head, but hey, it's not like the first time I've done that XD So I went to the salon with pretty much no ideas, and I asked the stylist if a bob would suit me, and what kind of hairstyles suit my faceshape. And well after probably 10minutes we both agreed on what to do and she killed my hair.




All in all I like it -w- It suits me more than I thought o_O And well now I'm going to let it grow and then dip dye my head, and probably get a sidecut later ^^

My Style 08.05.12

I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH HEELS TODAY!!! WEE~~~I have to say, I felt so businesswomanoldishlike XD Whenever I walk it goes like *clikclack**clickclack*

My FFXIII Necklace :D I made it myself in 8-9th grade! SO PROUD! My sister broke a piece and well I never found it again, and therefore could not fix it ;___;

BAH! I look like an alien XD

Cupcakes :D

Hehe, made some cupcakes and sushi with some friends on Saturday ^^ We failed to make the creme/topping and my friends went berserk with the decorating lol XD I tried something new on PS and it was a bit different from how I usually edit my pictures and how I use colors and stuff..But it turned out pretty nice. Well atleast I think so :P

I have to say, I REALLY like this picture!

"I got raped...Almost.Kinda."

I've thought of making a video of myself talking (in norwegian) about some topics that have been on my mind. And I WOULD have made one 1 week ago or something but unfortunately something terrible happened. I got an infection right above my right eye..So today I went to the doctor and they opened my head and squished all the bacteria out and now I am sitting here with a big white bandagiething on my head. So whenever I meet some stranger on the street they stare .___. Not only that but I get the question "OMG! WTF HAPPENED TO YOU!?" and reaction from my friends, and I stare at them and say "I almost got raped" or "I got into a fight" or something like that (with a poker face), and they totally fall for it..somehow e__e

, Porsgrunn

I am pretty much a stereotype asian.