april 2013


Hello hello~~

It's been AGES since my last post...Ehehehe, sorry people :P
Lots of things are happening in my life. I've got 2 jobs. I got my 1st real paycheck this month from 1 of them and I earned 6K. YAY!! I AM RICH WOHOHOHO!!
This month is full of tests and shit, and I'm just tired. Whenever I get home I just want to sleep, but I know I can't and do whatever I can to keep myself awake ._.

I am learning Lovesong by Adele/The Cure and Gangnam Style by PSY on guitar right now. I have a test for guitar next week on wednesday, and these are the songs I am playing.
I suck..I'm the last one (who's gonna perform), and the second girl in the whole school who plays guitar. I feel like a totalt idiot..

I've dyed and cut my hair. Did it yesterday and officially became a hairmodel :D I just wanted a change. I looked ugly and just had to get rid of it.

Look at this ugly shit..I can't believe my friends never told me how ugly I was, EVEN when I told them to TELL me...

This was RIGTH after I came home from the salon.

The next day, in sunlight ^^

She got me Ombre :D It was supposed to be a dark red at the top and a bright at the lower part. However it looks more brownish at the top. But I stil love it very much ^^

Now I have to go back to study for a test in music tomorrow, good night!!

, Porsgrunn

I am pretty much a stereotype asian.