april 2012

Photoshoot: Sexy MAMA!

HAH! I have to say I look hot as hell lol. I never really thought I would look hot or sexy or at least female at all, but seriously this project convinced me. I am HOT! Well or I CAN be if I WANT to HAHHAA!! Oh and why Sexy MAMA? Because I look hot and because I had the song MAMA from EXO-K when I thought of the name :P Everything is done by me. Makeup,clothes, style , picture and PS. Ye I know, I'm such a loner .__.

I have to say, It was hard to not look like a slut...Or maybe i do look like a slut e.e Anyways these are the pics which I am going to print and let 300+ students see..AHAHAHA!! Let's hope they won't think of me as a slut .__.

Photoshoot: Anti-Mainstream!

Heh, here's outfit/theme nr. 2! Which is ANTI-MAINSTREAM! I had sooooo much fun with this!! You can see that everything screams Anti-mainstream, cause of the clothes, make up and destroying magazines lol XD Well further down you will see some pictures of me eating meat, reason is; People think too much about dieting and never eat etc. so what those pics means is: FUCK YOU! I EAT WTF I WANT! And fyi I have 2 chopsticks in my hair lol.

#Bitch Please!

Photoshoot: Erokawa!

So here is ONE of the theme's/outfits I made/planned out and took pictures of :D Uhm.. I have to say;I look hot lol XD I am going to print them out and put them together, like a collage, and show them to 300+ students at school. Yay... Anyways Erokawa means Erotic Kawaii, which means SEXYHAWTCUTEPIE!! Kind of -w- And LOOK AT MY GUITAR (S)!! ISN'T IT HOOOT!!!?!

Fuck, I have to fix my stomach e.e

Another DIY Tee :P

Can't believe I used 5 hours to fucking clean..No shiet. Cleaned the bathroom, my own room, reorganised the shoes and clothes + made some/redid some clothes :D Most of them were shorts, and well It's not so interesting to see lol. BUT here's a T which I destroyed and remade ^^

I was about to throw this away, and well then I got the idea to experiment on it, and now I'm keeping it lol XD Also I REALLY want to dip dye my hair, I just don't know what color D: Right now my hair's a redbrown color, and well I am planning to have black hair again, but not so sure right now..

Know any color that fits black?

France - Besancon Part 5

So this is the last part :D And it contains pictures of what we did in our free time ^^

We went shopping (ofc) ALOT! I fucking burned my wallet/card cause everything was so fucking cheap lol XD

We went to eat, which we did alot too. I think most of my monet went to food e.e Again because everything was so fucking cheap lol.

Then later at night we would eat more. Gash seriously we ate ALL the time. Every chance we got we ate XD

Some of the girls went out at night to explore the night city, I on the other hand WAS FUCKING SICK! Either that or my teacher forced me to stay home because I had to make the video TwT Fuck I never got the chance to eat this D:<

And then one day I decided to color my hair because I found some real cheap and nice hair color. It didn't go so well because I totally forgot to buy gloves, and lots of other things than my hair got red, and on the same night a computer got crushed .___.

Her er et hndkle som jeg brukte, heldigvis var det ikke hotellet sitt e__e

And then we went Go Kart-ing :D Which was very fun! BUT my car got fucked and so I lost TwT

HAH! That's me there, the last one XD

And I'm pretty much ending this post with this very awezume picture of my friends having a "party" while watching the rest drive, lol xD

And 10 days later after this I went to Madrid, which is going to be on another post :D

France - Besancon Part 4

There are still some more pictures left from my trip to France and so here is the part from when we were at school and when we were having fun with the students ^^

Here is the school, i Have to say it was HUGE! AND superhightech O.o

When we came to the school we felt like celebrities lol XD They were like "OMG!! NORWEGIANS!! BLONDIES!! HOTCHICKSANDDUDES!!" And well I was kinda scooping after some handsome/cute boys *w* in my defense, I was not the only one AHAHAHAH!

My teacher interviewing the students for me to make a movie from it...You have no idea how tired I was after making the movie e.e

Yay having fun waiting for teachers and some other students and stuff, u know the usual -w-

Slacking around, waiting for the teachers ( this was on a different day -w-)

I got the chance to befriend with a french girl and her family. The house was made of cement, the house was really small, and they didn't take off their shoes when they entered the house o__o Btw the girl I visites had 2 houses and like a huuuuuuuuge garden!! (this is one of their houses..)

I had lunch at their house, and I have to say it totally looked liked dinner e.e

The "hotdog" dunno wtf I should call it was some superspeacialtypcalthing and the supercheezy cheese (which tasted like heaven btw) was something superspecialrecepie which their grandma had made. All in all I felt like I was some super special guest O___O And I totally LOVE THEIR FUCKING FOOOD!

So while eating lunch and trying to have a conversation with my poor french and their poor english and drawing and stuff like that, I got on the topic that I wanted to try and eat snails, and where could I eat them, so the mother went somewhere and came back with a frozen bag og snails..and made some for me, and after that fed me more with some sweet dessert -w- Anyways the snails tasted really yummy XD

And some days after going to that school, we got some new friends, and so they guided us from place to place in Besancon and played with us lol XD

I am supposed to read for a test tommorow but meh..Need a break lol XD

I should totally become a model xD

Seriously I love fashion soooooo much!

Pretty much having a photoshoot right now..

So..the reason for why I haven't blogged for awhile is because I've been working on my Art-project. I've been using my time to make clothes, find ideas for the different scenes, hairstyles and make up, etc. And just today I've finally gotten my ass up and fixing the "studio". And after hours of struggling with 2 different cameras and trying to figure out what the fuck to do I just gave up, and now know the reason for why one of them didn't cooperate >> Geez, thanks TV for telling me AFTER I've gotten home ... Anyways I ended up using my tiny petty little digi cam Sony or sumthin, and it works pretty well for my surprise O.o I just tested it out and it's not so bad ... Just gotta work with the angle and pretty much my poses e.e

Here's my make up :D Which turned out pretty nice!

France - Besancon Part III

Here are more pictures of the town ^^ Seriously I love subway!!

"Let me take you to the candy shop~~" Llalallaal *singing* I look so fucking short in these photos e.e

I REALLY wanted to ride on this one! But..I never got to do it ;__; Well atleast I got a picture of it XD

A very beautifull bridge which I never crossed e__e Because the town was huge and so I think I only saw 1/3 of it..or maybe not even close O.o

Awezume people doing awezume things at the park ^^

We went to a zoo-kind-of-thing and well I got sick so I had to go back to the hotel which I didn't want to do TwT

I crossed this bridge everyfucking day. Why? because over there is where there's food and lots of shops to do shopping in lol XD

France - Besancon Part II

What we did was going to museums, lots of them. I didn't find any of them interesting though..

Don't we look cute :D

And well, after some hours we got hungry and ate like these kebabs and I must say THEY TASTE LIKE HEAVEN! AND Super cheap!! + super big too *w*

Subway YAY :D

I REALLY liked the streets there! Was so pretty and cute and you would find something surpirsing at each turn!

The market ^^ There were all kind of stuff there..Chanel, Dior,Lacoste everything O__O

A book store , FULL OF ANIME AND MANGA!! And there were YAOI THERE! OMFG!! I was like aghshjjfajsasf *DROOOL*

And then we went shopping of course -w- Which I unfortunately have no pictures of because well I was too busy shopping and taking the camera inn and out was a nuisance lol :P

DIY Skull T-shirt!

Well as promised, here is the DIY video ;D I was supposed to make this video on tuesday but I didn't have time, so I made it today. Hope you like it and find it useful XD

Update and pictures of myself :D

Hehe, going out to town with only 100kr and thinking there will probably be nothing interesting, is just stupid ._. GAH! I found some rings that I wanted to buy BUT I didnt have enought money TwT And I was kinda hungry + Xitella didn't have money and she was hungry and so I bought food instead XP And so we went round and round town since she didn't have keys to her home and her mom was somewhere else .__. And then we parted ways and I went somewhere and now I am here writing this post to inform you that I am now editing a DIY video :D

And here is a little preview (kind of, since you can just see a small part of it..) and lots of photos of me camwhoring :D So cya later!!

I made a skirt :D

HEllo~~ I finished my skirt today :D The color is very uhm..Strong (?) lol, but that's because I have this theme idea thingie to a project at school. I am really into colors now, dunno why, but I want to have a crazy lollipop-rainbowdashunicorn thing. I am going to make all the clothes, do my hair and make up for each look, take the pictures by myself and edit them and hope that my teacher will like it :D I have to make 1 more skirt and 1 more dress and then I'm done and can start with my forever alone photoshoot :D I have to be done within 15. May and well, I am not sure if that's enought time but let's say I have super powers YAY!

And here comes a gif containing pictures of me making weird faces -w-

So Lazy and Tired

Gah! This week is like super fucked >> My class is gonna have a presentation tomorrow and that's it. Gonna sit in a classroom with 30 other people, listening to 1 person after 1 person for 5 hours .__. Weeho~~! Best day ever >> And well I am supposed to write something for tomorrow but I just have no fucking idea of WHO to write about! I mean like a britsh icon? Why brtisih!?! Why not wordlwide!? And well I am really tired right now, so I think im just gonna go to sleep. Yupp sleep and then wake up later and write the presentation and hope I remember what to say without having anything to read from.

Meh, why I not small nose HUH!?!

Macarons = Marzipan + rainbows II

Haven't done anything interesting this week. Just making clothes, drawing and completely ruining my sleep routine .__. Now I am maybe going to make some food to eat since I'm hungry and I'm totally craving for sweets! And later gonna do some homework which I haven't done yet , which was supposed to be done for some weeks ago AHAHAHHA! Yeah, I hate school.

DIY Clothes!

Some clothes I made :D Seriously I've never seen anyone in Norway wear something that shows their stomach (except bikini). But I've seen stores selling clothes that reveal their stomach, and like why the fuck don't people use them &gt;&gt; They are like REALLY nice ya know .__. Though I know that people will stare as fuck, but hey who cares when you love fashion ^^?

Yes, I wrote this. Problem?

Yay!! Got my camera back ^^

I sent my camera some weeks ago to reparation and well they pretty much gave me a new one lol XD So now I can make videos and camwhore with better quality than the webcam on my computer!


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