april 2011

Who I am :

I am a girl, as you may have noticed already. My age is not important neither my name. I have many names actually, at some places I'm NERDiie, some Ichii and some reixii. So if you ever meet on any of them you'll know it's me.

I am an asian girl and like any other asians I love kpop, jrock and everything that's got to do with asia. And like every asian people I have lots of time (or had) which I use to try out new things and develop my "skillz".

I am a musician. I seriously cannot live without music. Music is like drug to me, it's addicting. And since I'm not so good at expressing myself I use music to do it for me.

I love playing my guitar when I'm happy or exited or just want to have some time with myself. I also play the piano.. And if you didn't know, I sing. I am not sure if I'm good or bad. But definitelly not horrible. i hope..

Also I dance. I can almost do all kind of dances, except those sexy body wavish stuff... I mean ..gad it's fucking hard and I just can't get why or how the hell the girls do it. I mean.. IT'S SO PAINFUL!! But to those who can ; HUGE respect ! And I cannot tutt e.e

And just like any other asian I draw and am a photographer. Not a big surprise i guess , HAHAHA!!

I love to travel. I love to experience new places. I actually love everything I've never seen before. But the best part is just getting away from Norway. I'm not saying I hate Norway, it's just so boring here. There's nothing to do. And if you want to have fun, you need money...Which sucks cause I'm poor and need a job, but unfortunately NO ONE WANTS MEH D8<

Did I mention that I am a huge geek at things I love? Well I am. And things I don't love I just give a damn.

I hate school, cause they force you to learn something you're not interested in. And if you want to learn something else you have to go to a special school and freaking PAY for it..

Like any other girl I am into fashion. But I do not care of what's "in" or what's "out". I wear and do whatefuck I want. People who say I cannot do this, I cannot do that, because of this, because of that, well I hate them. Why tell yourself or someone else thay can't do something when you haven't even tried it?

And if you haven't guessed it yet , I take chances, alot. Everywhere I go I take chances. Instead of just regret or thinking of wtf could have happened.

I also don't care what people think of me. Even friends. You might know me, but not all of me. You are not me. So what you think or feel does not mean i am like that. But hey, think what you want, the humans are free to do what they want right?

I dream of becoming famous. Becoming something and not just " a girl ". What I'm gonna be? Not sure, cause I want to be everything. People tell me Im gonna find out and change. But I don't think I will. I'll just become everything. Cause I love what I do.

I could write more about myself, but I think this is enough.
I hope you got to know me a bit more and I hope you won't judge me out of this little thing. Although I wouldn't really care...

Anyways,please follow me in the future ^^

, Porsgrunn

I am pretty much a stereotype asian.