mars 2012

France - Besancon part I

For some months ago , no wait..maybe half a year ago in August or September, my french class went to France for 2 weeks! We visited a town called Besancon, it's really old fashioned and REALLY cute! And we went to school there as well. I really miss france because I had SO many happy memories I shared with others. I remember being sick most of my time when I was there, which kinda sucked .__. I was going to post the pictures a looong time ago, but I just didn't have time to go through all of the 1000 pictures and edit them >>

So I will show 70 pictures out of 1000, because 1) I can't show all of them cause that's TOO much and I'm too lazy to upload them all lol xD 2) I don't think I am allowed to post them from my friends, since I am already posting these pics without them even knowing AHAHAH!! Besides some are just not ment to be seen by others lol :P

So sit back and get all jelly MUAHAHAHHA!!

This was taken just before we drove to the airport , on the boat to Moss :P

Somewhere in Paris, I dunt remember the name..All I know is Mr. Bean filmed at a restaurant here!

Since we had hours before our train left, me and my friends went outside to explore a bit of Paris ^^ (Well, a part of it XD)

After those loong hours we were finally on the train. We took plenty of other trains on this trip actually...Which was kinda fun cause of experience and tiring cause we had to carry our heavy luggages XD

I read quite a funny and inspiring book on the train. A notebook/diary which belonged to my friend.

And then after a good night sleep at the hotel we went out to explore the town!!

My Style 30.03.2012 - Bunny~~!

Heh, was a bunny today ^^ ( Yes I know, I have no boobies >>)

Is it just me or does tights make your legs look thinner and like longer e.e?

I had my first excercise today since like EVER! And I wasn't tired at all! Which is kinda amazing.. I actually liked it e.e I'm kinda sleepy now, so I'll go to sleep XDHAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!

Macarons = Marzipan + rainbows I

I took these pictures when I was in France ^^ I've always wanted to buy them and take pictures of them, cause they have such pretty colors, and they look soooo cute :D Also not all Macarons taste the same. Each place have different recepies, so there are some place where they taste REALLY delicious and some who taste like shiet XD Lucky for me I got the yummy ones, while my friends got the shitty ones AHHAHAH!!

Straight hair after a long time!

It's been some time since I've seen myself with straight hair. I was born with black-asian-straight hair but when I went to Vietnam I got a perm, since I wanted to try out curls and well I LOVE it :D

Anyways, I wanted to see what I looked like before, so I straightened my hair :P And well, It's not bad but it looks kinda weird e.e Since my hair is really dry at the ends! Since taking perm is really damaging BUT when I was in Vietnam I went to the beach everyday. So my hair got damaged by the strong sun and the salt water TwT

And well, I wasn't able to cure my hair until I got home to Norway >.> It's a lot better now, though I do have some split ends ..

I know it's not so curly but that's because I just brushed my hair and I didn't use mousse :P GAH! My hair is like fucking long! YES GROW HAIR GROW!! Once it's like SUPER long I'll dye half of it white and half of the white in colors :D

My own bathroom! (kinda XP)

I didn't have anything to do today, actually I was going to sleep right away when I got home from school. But then I thought all my time would be gone by then, and I would just end up waking up after 7 hours and stay awake until 3 am , which I've been doing for some weeks now >.>

Since I live in the basement I'm pretty much alone ( Lol, such a loner...) and well we have like a bathroom down here, and I usually go to the bathroom each morning to fix my make up since the light there is SOOO much better. The thing is I always have to carry my make up back and forth all the time and clean up after myself, and well I do not have time to do that when I have to get to school .__.

So today I fucking cleaned the closet in the bathroom! And I tell you.. It was a disgusting thing to do e.e I think I have to clean it more often... Ahahahha~~~!

This is how it looked like before I started..."It's not so bad", u think, but seriously be happy that I didn't take any close ups e.e

After throwing unnecessary old shiet that's been there for like YEARS! And removing all the dust and used like ALOT of cleaningspraythingie, it got finally clean -w-

And this is how it looks like in the end :D

If you think that's all the make up I have, then you're wrong lol XD I have PLENTY more, I just threw some today too, cause I had too much + they were pretty old e.e Anyways the rest are in my room :P

It was about time I did this. Since my father or brother ALWAYS uses the bathroom upstairs, and I have to wait for them to be done which is like FOREVER! So I always get late because of them >.>

Well, you know when I have time for myself and a place for myself I feel SOO much happier XD I know that I'm not the only one but I LOVE to have time for myself and like take care of my skin/hair/body. It's like Zen for me lol!

I bet I'm not the only one!!

, Porsgrunn

I am pretty much a stereotype asian.