februar 2014


God morgen mennesker! Da er det endelig vinterferie og jeg kan endelig slappe av, litt iallefall. Jeg har enn noen sider av noen stykker som jeg m lre p piano og de krever tristnok masse av tid.. Er glad for at jeg skal bytte linje til hst, for det stresset her orker jeg ikke!

Hehe, noen lurer sikkert p hvorfor det er s "fint" vr hos meg nr de ser disse bildene, vel egentlig s ble disse tatt ifjor sommer. Har bare vrt lat med redigere dem (hadde egentlig glemt dem).

Jeg syntes ikke kameraet mitt er s ille ta bilder med. Den kan faktisk gjre ganske mye, selvom jeg bare har 1 linse til den. Vurderer kjpe meg nytt kamera snart og en zoom linse. Men vil ogs ha et lite kamera som jeg kan ta med overalt, har sett litt p Canon sin M, som har gtt sinnsykt ned i pris.. Vel, er ikke lagd av penger s jeg fr se hva jeg har rd til, heheh!

Clare de Lune

Since I was a child I've always loved the night sky. I would always prefer stars than hearts, and I always drew stars on my books. Whenever there's a full moon I would always admire it's beauty and feel a sadness over not being an astronaut. I can never visit the moon, but taking pictures of it is something that can make me feel closer. Just a little. For awhile.

I borrowed my friends lens when I went to qatar and forgot to return it when I got home. I kept the lens for some time and then one morning, I got the perfect moon right outside my door. I skipped the first term just so that I could enchance this beauty. It was worth it.

New Design: Among the shiny stars

Well, instead of doing anything productive today, I used my time to redesign my blog. I was afraid I'd forgotten the coding and all, but luckily I remembered some. Oh, what I wouldn't have done without the Internet. I swear, without it I would've been lost... Well, it is yet a simple design but consumed lots of time, but in the end I made it. BUT there is one code that I cannot find!

Does anyone know what code I should use to make downward meny? and how to change the category and archive names to a different colour?

Would appreciate the help!!

Wall of Fame

What better wallpaper to use than your own memories? It's been a long long loooooong time since I last had time for myself. It felt soooo good to finally be able to do something "artsy". When I first started to "document" my life, I only intended to put them in a book. But later i realized I wanted some of the pictures on my wall as well. So my wall is a summary of my life in the book. If that made any sense...

I also made this "board". It's so boring to buy the boards that everyone has at home, so I made one of string and nails. The result was pretty awesome. I had plans to make my own board actually, but I never got the time, so I took the easy version. Hehe...

I've missed my blog. And last night I felt I wanted to change my design and start blogging again... However should I do so in english or norwegian? Most of my "readers" are norwegians I assume, since this is a norwegian platform, and I live in Norway... But I want my friends from other countries to know what I'm talking about as well..

Are there any readers who has something to say?

, Porsgrunn

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