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Hello fellow trolls! 4 months since last post eh? And I thought I finally got my blogging spirit back, guess I was wrong... Well I haven't been doing nothing! I've been making songs, electrical actually.

We're learning to do so at school. My first one was very wannabe, and it HAD to be a techno song, this time however we were free to do whatever we wanted. And so I made this:

It would be better if there were lyrics included and a singing voice.. But sorry, I'm no singer, I can just make sounds lol.

Enjoy my creativity!

Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven ( Piano Cover )

This is the new piece I'm learning. This is how far I got on Tuesday, I know it's not perfect but practice makes perfect :P It's kinda cool how my hand looks like it floating hahaha XD This is the first time I've got interested in Classical music, thanks to my friend. It is also the first time I've ever played Classical music O.o Also this is my 5th month with piano ^^

Comptine D'un Autre t ( Piano Cover )

I did a cover for this beautiful song ^^I completed it months ago, but just never had the chance to record it until Tuesday :P Hehe, I had a competition with my friend. Whoever finished the piece first, the loser will buy 2 hotdogs, 1 solrik, 1 donut and 1 marengs XD I won hahah!

I learned alot from this song, and I almost killed my arms several times, cause I overused them...

Read all about it - Emeli Sande (cover)

Suddenly got this song stuck in my head since Sunday. It just popped up out of nowehere. Decided to learn it, went through the lyrics and chords. I knew only the basic melody so I'm not following the original song. I kinda made it my own :P


Turning page - Sleeping at last (live cover)

So here is a video of me and my friend ^^ I've been learning piano for 2 months, so I am not a pro. It took me 3 days to learn this song and 2 days to learn tir na noir. My friend just called me one Saturday night and asked me if I wanted to play the guitar for a friend of mine. And I just said yes.. hahah xD I had no idea of what I said yes to... But it was fun. Even though it was the most tiring week I've ever had... I think i overused my brain HAHAH! Well my friend ( the one who's singing) also had a tough week, she had to learn the lyrics in 3 days and not only that she had to learn 3 other lyrics, and those were opera. Yeah , she's an opera singer :P


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