My Life

Ødelagt rutine

Yo! Lenge siden sist kjære blogg, utrolig nok så lever jeg ennå! I det siste har jeg totalt ødelagt rutinen min. Jeg klarer ikke våkne uansett hvor lenge jeg sover, og når jeg ikke sover, spiser jeg meg stappa mett. Deretter legger jeg meg igjen.. Det er som om jeg er klar til å gå i dvale slik som alle somemrdyra...Spise seg stappa mett for så og sove gjennom vinteren. Dette irriterer meg fordi jeg ikke får gjort noen ting på dagen. 
Slik som idag, så la jeg meg kl 14, etter jeg kom hjem fra skolen, våknet ikke før kl 20 på kvelden. FAKK! 

Nå sitter jeg her kl 2 på natta og babler i vei på bloggen min som er død for øyeblikket.. 

Men, jeg skal legge meg. NÅ!

Så god natt! til de som ennå er våkne...


God morgen mennesker! Da er det endelig vinterferie og jeg kan endelig slappe av, litt iallefall. Jeg har ennå noen sider av noen stykker som jeg må lære på piano og de krever tristnok masse av tid.. Er glad for at jeg skal bytte linje til høst, for det stresset her orker jeg ikke!

Hehe, noen lurer sikkert på hvorfor det er så "fint" vær hos meg når de ser disse bildene, vel egentlig så ble disse tatt ifjor sommer. Har bare vært lat med å redigere dem (hadde egentlig glemt dem).

Jeg syntes ikke kameraet mitt er så ille å ta bilder med. Den kan faktisk gjøre ganske mye, selvom jeg bare har 1 linse til den. Vurderer å kjøpe meg nytt kamera snart og en zoom linse. Men vil også ha et lite kamera som jeg kan ta med overalt, har sett litt på Canon sin M, som har gått sinnsykt ned i pris.. Vel, er ikke lagd av penger så jeg får se hva jeg har råd til, heheh!

New Design: Among the shiny stars

Well, instead of doing anything productive today, I used my time to redesign my blog. I was afraid I'd forgotten the coding and all, but luckily I remembered some. Oh, what I wouldn't have done without the Internet. I swear, without it I would've been lost... Well, it is yet a simple design but consumed lots of time, but in the end I made it. BUT there is one code that I cannot find!

Does anyone know what code I should use to make downward meny? and how to change the category and archive names to a different colour?

Would appreciate the help!!

Wall of Fame

What better wallpaper to use than your own memories? It's been a long long loooooong time since I last had time for myself. It felt soooo good to finally be able to do something "artsy". When I first started to "document" my life, I only intended to put them in a book. But later i realized I wanted some of the pictures on my wall as well. So my wall is a summary of my life in the book. If that made any sense...



I also made this "board". It's so boring to buy the boards that everyone has at home, so I made one of string and nails. The result was pretty awesome. I had plans to make my own board actually, but I never got the time, so I took the easy version. Hehe...



I've missed my blog. And last night I felt I wanted to change my design and start blogging again... However should I do so in english or norwegian? Most of my "readers" are norwegians I assume, since this is a norwegian platform, and I live in Norway... But I want my friends from other countries to know what I'm talking about as well.. 

Are there any readers who has something to say?

To give up

Giving up is hard, but easier than to keep going. We know it is not right, but when we realize our goal is still far away, even after all the work, giving up is much easier.

After we've completely given up, the next thing will be; What to do next?

We don't know. The next few days or even months, we will spend our time doing nothing.

Without realizing it, depression has taken over and it kills us.


We regret. We think of what we could've done different.

Under this regret we realize what we've lost.

Not only our goal, but our friends.

Our life.

But it's too late. And we sit here alone. 

We've given up life, and it has left us in depressions hands.

Let's get some Breakfast!

Hey hey! For about a month ago, my friends and I decided to have a sleepover and sleep outside on the trampoline under the stars on a beautiful romantic summer night in one of our gardens.



I don't have a trampoline so we couldn't do it at my house, my other friend lives near the road so we couldn't do it there either. In the end we went to the last one of us and slept there. I have pictures but I am not allowed to post them.. 


So all I can show you are pictures of our breakfast the next day.. Hahahah :P 

I should just really open a blog where all I talk about is food.. And how delicious it fucking is XD

I've noticed how I take pictures lately and it is becoming more and more bloggish.. Good or not I'm not quite sure.. I haven't really thought much of it really. Well atleast the pictures are mine and not from Google/weheart/tumblr and well..not mine >>

Back from wonderland

It feels unreal. I don't feel at home. I want to go back. To the place where I made friends, where I really was SOMEONE and not just someone.


I came to London with nothing. Literally. Nothing. My suitcase was empty, I only had what I wore to the airport.



But I came back with both of my suitcases full and with many precious memories.


It's just been some hours since I came home, but I already miss everyone very much.


I want to go back. 


I was up pretty late yesterday.. I was sorting my pictures from waaay back in January and edited some. I didn't sleep until 5 AM...I'm such an idiot.
Well I went out to buy some stuff for tomorrow, I'm going to London!


Alone, well not technically alone, with a friend. No parents, no teachers, just us two on a trip in london :D

It's gonna be sooo much fun! It was time for vacation, I've been doing nothing but work and go to school.



There are plenty of stuffs on my mind but I just want to get away. Just leave for some days. Just have fun and not think.


Hello hello~~

It's been AGES since my last post...Ehehehe, sorry people :P
Lots of things are happening in my life. I've got 2 jobs. I got my 1st real paycheck this month from 1 of them and I earned 6K. YAY!! I AM RICH WOHOHOHO!! 
This month is full of tests and shit, and I'm just tired. Whenever I get home I just want to sleep, but I know I can't and do whatever I can to keep myself awake ._.


I am learning Lovesong by Adele/The Cure and Gangnam Style by PSY on guitar right now. I have a test for guitar next week on wednesday, and these are the songs I am playing.
I suck..I'm the last one (who's gonna perform), and the second girl in the whole school who plays guitar. I feel like a totalt idiot..


I've dyed and cut my hair. Did it yesterday and officially became a hairmodel :D I just wanted a change. I looked ugly and just had to get rid of it.


Look at this ugly shit..I can't believe my friends never told me how ugly I was, EVEN when I told them to TELL me...



This was RIGTH after I came home from the salon.



The next day, in sunlight ^^


She got me Ombre :D It was supposed to be a dark red at the top and a bright at the lower part. However it looks more brownish at the top. But I stil love it very much ^^

Now I have to go back to study for a test in music tomorrow, good night!!


Good Afternoon~~

I know I haven't blogged for awhile, and I know I should be more active. However whenever I get home from school all I want to do is sleep. But I can't cause I have lots of other things to do. And thus I don't have time to blog. I know I am making the shitty excuse all the time, but it is the truth. As I said before I got a job at a gallery, and just some weeks later I got another job at a restaurant. I have 2 jobs, which means that I have no time to relax. It sucks, but I know everything will be worth it when I get my paycheck and see the numbers! 


(No makeup btw)


Why the hell do I need 2 jobs? Well I am sick and tired of not having money to do anything. The world is made up on money. If you do not have it, you'll die. Easy as that. I am sick and tired of asking my parents of money all the time. I get this guilt everytime I ask for more than 200kr. I am also saving up for my future school. I am going to study in another country, it'll probably be Japan, if not then England.


Exams are coming up, and I feel like a dumbass. I really wonder why I choose the school I am attending. I know the reason why, but I still wonder why? Why the fuck did I on purpose choose suicice? 

African Dinner

So I went over to my friend yesterday, and even though I've known him for 10 years, it was the first time I was at his place.. Like not just dropping by, but seriously staying at his place, meeting his family and doing stuff together... Sounds weird but somehow it ended up that way XD His mother made some food and I was hungry and I wanted to know how african food tasted like.




He gave me a huge bowl. In that bowl there was this weird soup, it wasn't "soup" soup cause it was really sticky.. And there was this huge "bread" thing made of sweet potatoes mashed and teared together, and then cooked together..




I have to say it was really weird, but it was delicous :D It had a special taste. Everytime when I take a new bite I first smell this weird sense of alcohol, but it disappears real quick, then a special sour taste follows up, then you feel the stickiness of the potato and the "soup", then you swallow and your mouth taste nothing..

It's really special, and you just have to eat it to understand what I mean hahaha XD Also I kinda failed cause my friend told me that you have to eat with your hands to really enjoy the food, but I used a spoon instead hahaha XD


I got tired of my old design..It looked so, hmm...Mainstream hahah XD So I made a new one. It took me SEVERAL HOURS, because I totally forgot everything >> Oh well, I like it alot, so I hope you enjoy it ^^


Christmas is all about getting fat

Christmas is the time when everyone eats load of carbs and shit and get fat, together. It is the time of the year when nobody cares what they put in their mouth. They just stuff their faces with everything they see. I love xmas. Xmas means food, and I love food. Especially xmas food! But there are also times when you just want to relax in front of the fireplace to get warm and drink a hot cup og cocoa. Or grill marshmallows ^^


Mmmmm~~~! So yummy and delicious~~~! 


I honestly never think of what I stuff my mouth with. If it tastes good I will eat until I cannot eat any longer, then wait 30min and eat desert hahah xD Of course I do exercise, so that I won't kill my body :P

My wish was granted way before xmas

Hello hello! It's been some time yes. It's been such a busy month, I've been singing in church 2 times and I've had concerts, and I've had plenty of reports to write and submit... High school isn't as hard as I thought, but my grades aren't the best either.. So I really have to get better ._. Well it is now xmas and all I have to say is MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you guys have had a fun and cheerful day! I didn't buy any xmas gifts this year so I didn't get much, BUT I made some gingermen and whitecakemen (?) and handed them out to my friends ^^ What I got was money and candy hahah XD
For me xmas came some weeks ago. That's when I got what I wanted; a gameboy and pokemon. + I got PSP and GTA...


I planned on buying a gameboy but instead my friend just gave it to me.. He just gave me a PSP and Gameboy and GTA..Out of nowhere. Well I am VERY grateful! Cause I LOVE them soooo much!! I love them more than jewelry! I am very easy to please, just buy me food or give me a game haha xD  23

GAH!! LOOK AT IT!! ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL?! I just LOVE IT soooo much! I wish they still kept the design like this.. It's so much cuter than the new DS's .___.

When I got home I went on Finn.no and bought myself a pokemon game right away haha XD My friend gave me Yoshi's Island. Omg, so many memories!! It felt like I was a child again. Oh childhood , I miss you :'(


And just some days ago my other friend gave me his phone.. He bought it for like about 2 months ago, and he just got a Samsung S3. And I got his old phone HAHAH!! I really love my life ^^

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Years humans!!


Good night tea

Hello~~ I've noticed that I no longer make posts about my daily life..Only about my outfits or if something BIG happens, which is not often. Not many are reading my blog, that's probably because I'm not so active. I don't read others blogs or comment on their posts. And therefore I get nothing from them.. Which has resulted in me not blogging that much about my life. I don't live an interesting life. And there's no point in writing the same everyday... Anyways I'm just rambling, so here's a good nigth post from me XD

Btw, I colored my hair again, on monday. It's much darker now. It is a dark purple red. Turned out darker than I expected on my neon red... But now I don't have to worry about my roots hhehe :P

Hello, my head is purple ^^

Hehe, yeah. My hair's been changing alot during these 3 months haha XD I used pure color to dye my hair. So my roots are still visible, but not as much as when my hair was pink. I really like this color. It's a really special color :D Btw my tips are a dark violet so it looks like ombre. I didn't plan it at all. it just turned out that way HAHA! 


No more braces!

I am soo soo happy right now :D BECAUSE I NO LONGER HAVE BRACES!! I have straight teeth and I can now eat pizza with no problems :D It feels soo great and soo smooth, and I love my life soo sosoosososo much ^^

Dyed my head PINK!

Hehe, so hello there! I've got a BIG announcement to make; I HAVE PINK HAIR! And I don't even like pink.. It's just that I bleached my head for too long, and my hair got too light, and so when I added the color, it turned out um..pink XD It was acutally supposed to be maybe 2 shades darker or something... And it was supposed to be red, with pink tones .__.

It is SUPER pink and well..It is kinda awezume HAHAH! Well I can't dye it yet, cause It has only been like 10hours or something since I dyed it...So I'm gonna give it 1 week, maybe 2, and see if the colors any better, if not then I will redye it to violet :P

What I´ve been up to

I´ve been quite busy lately. I´ve been doing things non stop and well, I still am TwT Well I guess that´s how it is when you go to a Music school.. It is really fun and I enjoy every day ^^I love my classmates and the environment :D I have to wake up 6AM everyday, but I don´t really mind, cause I WANT to go to school. It sounds crazy but I LIKE SCHOOL. I really feel like I belong there. BTW I have a MACBOOK PRO!! I got it from the school!! HOW AWEZUME ISN´T THAT?!?! LOOK AT IT!! ISN´T IT PRETTY *WW*?

It isn´t really black. I just bought a cover for it on ebay :P Hehe, Lightning and Odin as background -w-

And at Saturday I was at a con, Kawaiicon. I sold spring rolls and rice and ebi chips :P We made 400+ spring rolls and sold 200+ rolls, and now I have like 100 something spring rolls in the freezer XD My friends didn´t take them with them cause they forgot -w- I got quite alot of money, and I bought some stuff too :D I´ll probably show them later, in another post. So for now, CYA ^^

Internet Haul!

Hey there,  been some months since last post. But thats cause I've been here and there and barely on my computer :P Schools started and I am studying music. I got into the school!! And I feel like almost everyone there is like supertalented people...But they inspire me and makes me wanna be as good as them ^^ I've been ordering stuff on Ebay and Gmarket (I WILL NEVER EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THERE AGAIN) and I just thought why not take pictures and post on my blog XD? So here they are :D

This kit is effingly goood!!! People who have oily skin/acne BUY THIS SHIET!! IT IS EFFING WROTH IT! Gonna buy the bigger version when I'm done with this XD

Got the candy with the shoes :D And they tasted yummy~~

Free bb cream samples and sun screen when I bought the Etude House kit :D


So, thats it ppl :D

I *heart* SUN!

It's been lots of rain and cloudy lately, but finally TODAY IT IS SUNNY!! OH! How much I love the sun :D It is so warm and shiny and makes me so happy! I love summer in Norway, cause the sun is up pretty much 24/7 ^^ And well, here is what I've been doing :

Colored my hair red, cause well I wanted to XD

This is how it looks like in the sun ^^

And tomorrow I'll be going to Oslo to go shopping and see artists sing -w-

Please vote!

Uhm, so I am in a photocompetition. And well I know the chance to win is REALLY REALLY tinytinyxtrasmall, but I decided to try .__. I kinda need a camera right now, cause mine died on my trip to Sweden... It got totally smashed TwT I decided to use this picture:

                                                                  (Without the watermark ofc)

Canon is the one launching it. And they are giving out 3 Canon IXUS 510 HS cameras. 1 for the best photo, and 2 for those with most votes... I find it stupid for competitions to go by vote .__. 



My new-life plan

So, since it's summer I've got lots of time. This is actually my first summer vacation since 2010, I've been working the other years. And well instead of sitting inside and like die in front of the computer, why not do something like, you know, get a new life?

So  I've been making this plan which I am going to follow the whole summer starting tomorrow XD

I am going to excercise EVERYDAY, because I am not in shape. My stamina sucks..And I am not able to run as fast as before, so I am going to fix that :P Also I need muscles. My body don't wanna gain fat so I am going to gain muscles instead -w- So if I get raped I can fight my way out ^^

I am also going to get better at playing the guitar and piano, and I am going to draw more, and get some nice skillz~~ So that I later can brag/know that I am good at it XD I am also going to eat more healthier food -w- Other than that nothings really happening in my life :P

Shopping ;D

Well.. I kinda don't have much to blog about. So I guess I'll just make a post of what I've bought today, yay :D 

Finally some real sneakers, gonna use them ALOT this summer!

High waist shorts that I've wanted some time now...

And some random tshirts I found interesting ^^

Do not underestimate the word "Exam"

So In 2 days I've been working on my English exam which I am going to have tomorrow. I got the task to write about the conflicts and peace in Northern Ireland. I've written everything down on paper, made the PowerPoint presentation BUT I CAN'T GET IT IN MY HEAD! Everything I've written I CAN'T REMEMBER! I hate history D: IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH BETTER IF I GOT SCINCE!! I hate that I'm lazy .__. It really annoys me how lazy I am, and that I know how lazy I am but still won't change lol. So everythings particularly my own fault TWT

 (Picture by somewhere and someone on weheartit)

There's been SOO many things that have happened and I have to remember them! I mean IT'S FUCKING 400 YEARS HISTORY, AND I HAVE TO PRESENT IT IN 15 MINUTES! AND FUCKING REMEMBER EVERYTHING! Meh, lazy ass me.. If I find this little thing difficult, I bet I'm gonna die on my new school .__.

Birthday Party !

So, yesterday I celebrated my Birthday (which is actually tomorrow :P) and I had a great time :D I was kinda expecting some more um..chaos, but nothing really happened -w- There were more emo ppl than I thought there would be, but it's just how it is. There will always be some emo's at a party .__. 

Here are some of my friends, the rest sat on the side ^^

And here I am, singing, or rather screaming XD Lol O kinda killed my friends ears AHAHA!! 

And then a picture of the rest who were still there at the end of the day, not long after this picture was taken, everyone went home.

Heh, I've been editing lots of pictures today. And now I have pictures ready to print out so that I can put them in my little memo book ^^ So I have photos from my birthday yesterday, last year, england trip in 2010, madrid trip in 2011 and my vacation in Vietnam in 2012 :D My life is sooo much fun ^^ Maybe I'll transfer my trip in Vietnam and Japan from 2007 into that book too o.O?


Yeah, I've been gone for awhile, but that's because I've been busy with school and therefore haven't been any interesting stuff to blog about. Well, I've been working on my art project and it was finally done last week. So now there are 16 pictures of me, on a wall, at school...And 300+ people are able to see it each time they walk past the wall .___.

What else? I had my exam yesterday. It was math and well, it went to hell. Other things? I found out that alcohol can do LOTS of things to people...Especially to those who have never been drinking before. Beware for the alcoholvirgins. Teach them how to drink properly, so that you won't end up with a broken house...Just saying.

Other than those 3 things; IT'S FUCKING SUMMER!! FINALLY THE SUN IS HERE! 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

                                                          (Fresh from shower after tanning lol XD)

I've been waiting FOREVER for the sun , so that i can sweat, tan and walk in shorts 24/7! And I don't have school tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! YAAYAYA!! And right now I'm redownloading online games on my laptop, cause I've fucking missed gaming XD I'm thinking of buying a new PC as well, cause, well I am a gamer and I do not like to game without proper gaming things, lol XD 

Which is the reason why i undownloaded the games i had, and now redownloading cause I miss it so much -w-

Oh well, now I'm gonna eat and then start gaming HOHOHOOH!!


Just some minutes ago I got a message from my friend that she made it. They accepted her. 

The school which we both applied for accepeted her. Right then my net crashed, and I got fucking frustrated.

 BUT after running here and there with the computer trying to get some netsignals, i logged on, found my mail and read this: Kvittering - ønskets statusnr er endret til en tilbuds-status. TRANSLATION: You're in. (it's not the EXACT translation, just made it shorter XD)

 Well, technically I'm not 100% in, neither her, or any other students who got their mail. BUT I DO KNOW that my chances are pretty high cause for the last few months/this year I've been working my ass off to get good grades. And I am pretty much a 5 which is a B. I am not an A, cause well my teachers do not like me... They have to absolutely find every little thing to perk on!

                                                                                  (pictures from Weheartit.com)


I have to say, to fucking wait for this mail and know that it is in your mailbox WITH the answer and have to fucking wait for the internet to cooperate and get all super nervous and have tinglish feeling in your stomach, WAS FAR WORSE THAN AT THE AUDITION!!

 Now I just have to do well on my exams that are to come, one of them is on the next monday!



"I got raped...Almost.Kinda."

I've thought of making a video of myself talking (in norwegian) about some topics that have been on my mind. And I WOULD have made one 1 week ago or something but unfortunately something terrible happened. I got an infection right above my right eye..So today I went to the doctor and they opened my head and squished all the bacteria out and now I am sitting here with a big white bandagiething on my head. So whenever I meet some stranger on the street they stare .___. Not only that but I get the question "OMG! WTF HAPPENED TO YOU!?" and reaction from my friends, and I stare at them and say "I almost got raped" or "I got into a fight" or something like that (with a poker face), and they totally fall for it..somehow e__e

Pretty much having a photoshoot right now..

So..the reason for why I haven't blogged for awhile is because I've been working on my Art-project. I've been using my time to make clothes, find ideas for the different scenes, hairstyles and make up, etc. And just today I've finally gotten my ass up and fixing the "studio". And after hours of struggling with 2 different cameras and trying to figure out what the fuck to do I just gave up, and now know the reason for why one of them didn't cooperate >> Geez, thanks TV for telling me AFTER I've gotten home ... Anyways I ended up using my tiny petty little digi cam Sony or sumthin, and it works pretty well for my surprise O.o I just tested it out and it's not so bad ... Just gotta work with the angle and pretty much my poses e.e

Here's my make up :D Which turned out pretty nice!

DIY Skull T-shirt!

Well as promised, here is the DIY video ;D I was supposed to make this video on tuesday but I didn't have time, so I made it today. Hope you like it and find it useful XD

Update and pictures of myself :D

Hehe, going out to town with only 100kr and thinking there will probably be nothing interesting, is just stupid ._. GAH! I found some rings that I wanted to buy BUT I didnt have enought money TwT And I was kinda hungry + Xitella didn't have money and she was hungry and so I bought food instead XP And so we went round and round town since she didn't have keys to her home and her mom was somewhere else .__. And then we parted ways and I went somewhere and now I am here writing this post to inform you that I am now editing a DIY video :D

And here is a little preview (kind of, since you can just see a small part of it..) and lots of photos of me camwhoring :D So cya later!!

I made a skirt :D

HEllo~~ I finished my skirt today :D The color is very uhm..Strong (?) lol, but that's because I have this theme idea thingie to a project at school. I am really into colors now, dunno why, but I want to have a crazy lollipop-rainbowdashunicorn thing. I am going to make all the clothes, do my hair and make up for each look, take the pictures by myself and edit them and hope that my teacher will like it :D I have to make 1 more skirt and 1 more dress and then I'm done and can start with my forever alone photoshoot :D I have to be done within 15. May and well, I am not sure if that's enought time but let's say I have super powers YAY! 


And here comes a gif containing pictures of me making weird faces -w- 

So Lazy and Tired

Gah! This week is like super fucked >> My class is gonna have a presentation tomorrow and that's it. Gonna sit in a classroom with 30 other people, listening to 1 person after 1 person for 5 hours .__. Weeho~~! Best day ever >> And well I am supposed to write something for tomorrow but I just have no fucking idea of WHO to write about! I mean like a britsh icon? Why brtisih!?! Why not wordlwide!? And well I am really tired right now, so I think im just gonna go to sleep. Yupp sleep and then wake up later and write the presentation and hope I remember what to say without having anything to read from.

Meh, why I not small nose HUH!?!

Yay!! Got my camera back ^^

I sent my camera some weeks ago to reparation and well they pretty much gave me a new one lol XD So now I can make videos and camwhore with better quality than the webcam on my computer!


Straight hair after a long time!

It's been some time since I've seen myself with straight hair. I was born with black-asian-straight hair but when I went to Vietnam I got a perm, since I wanted to try out curls and well I LOVE it :D

Anyways, I wanted to see what I looked like before, so I straightened my hair :P And well, It's not bad but it looks kinda weird e.e Since my hair is really dry at the ends! Since taking perm is really damaging BUT when I was in Vietnam I went to the beach everyday. So my hair got damaged by the strong sun and the salt water TwT

And well, I wasn't able to cure my hair until I got home to Norway >.> It's a lot better now, though I do have some split ends ..

I know it's not so curly but that's because I just brushed my hair and I didn't use mousse :P GAH! My hair is like fucking long! YES GROW HAIR GROW!! Once it's like SUPER long I'll dye half of it white and half of the white in colors :D

My own bathroom! (kinda XP)

I didn't have anything to do today, actually I was going to sleep right away when I got home from school. But then I thought all my time would be gone by then, and I would just end up waking up after 7 hours and stay awake until 3 am , which I've been doing for some weeks now >.>

Since I live in the basement I'm pretty much alone ( Lol, such a loner...) and well we have like a bathroom down here, and I usually go to the bathroom each morning to fix my make up since the light there is SOOO much better. The thing is I always have to carry my make up back and forth all the time and clean up after myself, and well I do not have time to do that when I have to get to  school .__.

So today I fucking cleaned the closet in the bathroom! And I tell you.. It was a disgusting thing to do e.e I think I have to clean it more often... Ahahahha~~~!

This is how it looked like before I started..."It's not so bad", u think, but seriously be happy that I didn't take any close ups e.e

After throwing unnecessary old shiet that's been there for like YEARS! And removing all the dust and used like ALOT of cleaningspraythingie, it got finally clean -w-

And this is how it looks like in the end :D

If you think that's all the make up I have, then you're wrong lol XD I have PLENTY more, I just threw some today too, cause I had too much + they were pretty old e.e Anyways the rest are in my room :P

It was about time I did this. Since my father or brother ALWAYS uses the bathroom upstairs, and I have to wait for them to be done which is like FOREVER! So I always get late because of them >.>

Well, you know when I have time for myself and a place for myself I feel SOO much happier XD I know that I'm not the only one but I LOVE to have time for myself and like take care of my skin/hair/body. It's like Zen for me lol!

I bet I'm not the only one!!

Who I am :

I am a girl, as you may have noticed already. My age is not important neither my name. I have many names actually, at some places I'm NERDiie, some Ichii and some reixii. So if you ever meet on any of them you'll know it's me.


I am an asian girl and like any other asians I love kpop, jrock and everything that's got to do with asia. And like every asian people I have lots of time (or had) which I use to try out new things and develop my "skillz".

I am a musician. I seriously cannot live without music. Music is like drug to me, it's addicting. And since I'm not so good at expressing myself I use music to do it for me.

I love playing my guitar when I'm happy or exited or just want to have some time with myself. I also play the piano.. And if you didn't know, I sing. I am not sure if I'm good or bad. But definitelly not horrible. i hope..

Also I dance. I can almost do all kind of dances, except those sexy body wavish stuff... I mean ..gad it's fucking hard and I just can't get why or how the hell the girls do it. I mean.. IT'S SO PAINFUL!! But to those who can ; HUGE respect ! And I cannot tutt e.e 

And just like any other asian I draw and am a photographer. Not a big surprise i guess , HAHAHA!! 

I love to travel. I love to experience new places. I actually love everything I've never seen before. But the best part is just getting away from Norway. I'm not saying I hate Norway, it's just so boring here. There's nothing to do. And if you want to have fun, you need money...Which sucks cause I'm poor and need a job, but unfortunately NO ONE WANTS MEH D8<

Did I mention that I am a huge geek at things I love? Well I am. And things I don't love I just give a damn.

I hate school, cause they force you to learn something you're not interested in. And if you want to learn something else you have to go to a special school and freaking PAY for it..

Like any other girl I am into fashion. But I do not care of what's "in" or what's "out". I wear and do whatefuck I want. People who say I cannot do this, I cannot do that, because of this, because of that, well I hate them. Why tell yourself or someone else thay can't do something when you haven't even tried it?

And if you haven't guessed it yet , I take chances, alot. Everywhere I go I take chances. Instead of just regret or thinking of wtf could have happened.

I also don't care what people think of me. Even friends. You might know me, but not all of me. You are not me. So what you think or feel does not mean i am like that. But hey, think what you want, the humans are free to do what they want right?

I dream of becoming famous. Becoming something and not just " a girl ". What I'm gonna be? Not sure, cause I want to be everything. People tell me Im gonna find out and change. But I don't think I will. I'll just become everything. Cause I love what I do.

I could write more about myself, but I think this is enough. 
I hope you got to know me a bit more and I hope you won't judge me out of this little thing. Although I wouldn't really care...

Anyways,please follow me in the future ^^

Where to find me

Facebook: Ingrid Nguyen

DeviantArt: reixii

Tumblr: reixii


, Porsgrunn

I am pretty much a stereotype asian.