Clare de Lune

  • 22:48 | 10.02.2014

  • Since I was a child I've always loved the night sky. I would always prefer stars than hearts, and I always drew stars on my books. Whenever there's a full moon I would always admire it's beauty and feel a sadness over not being an astronaut. I can never visit the moon, but taking pictures of it is something that can make me feel closer. Just a little. For awhile.

    I borrowed my friends lens when I went to qatar and forgot to return it when I got home. I kept the lens for some time and then one morning, I got the perfect moon right outside my door. I skipped the first term just so that I could enchance this beauty. It was worth it.

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    12.02.2014 kl.14:11

    Ah s fint bilete!

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