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  • 11:25 | 03.02.2014

  • What better wallpaper to use than your own memories? It's been a long long loooooong time since I last had time for myself. It felt soooo good to finally be able to do something "artsy". When I first started to "document" my life, I only intended to put them in a book. But later i realized I wanted some of the pictures on my wall as well. So my wall is a summary of my life in the book. If that made any sense...

    I also made this "board". It's so boring to buy the boards that everyone has at home, so I made one of string and nails. The result was pretty awesome. I had plans to make my own board actually, but I never got the time, so I took the easy version. Hehe...

    I've missed my blog. And last night I felt I wanted to change my design and start blogging again... However should I do so in english or norwegian? Most of my "readers" are norwegians I assume, since this is a norwegian platform, and I live in Norway... But I want my friends from other countries to know what I'm talking about as well..

    Are there any readers who has something to say?

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    Tiffany & Daisy

    03.02.2014 kl.11:38

    Fiint! :D

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