Lives Through Glass

  • 17:59 | 20.11.2013

  • I see them behind the glass, creatures engulfed by time. None of them looking up from their little screens, and none of them standing still.

    Even as they stand, they move their feet or hands, each movement counting time. And eyes always locked on the little screen.

    I see them behind the glass. A place where I stand still. I observe these creatures, one after another.

    No matter how long I'm still, these creatures will never notice. And I sit here and observe these creatures, until my cup is empty.

    Then I stand and am no longer still. As I exit and go to the other side of the glass, I transform into these creatures.

    And I too am engulfed by time. And another from behind the glass will observe me , just like I observed these who once were complete alien to me.

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