• 20:19 | 17.06.2013

  • I was up pretty late yesterday.. I was sorting my pictures from waaay back in January and edited some. I didn't sleep until 5 AM...I'm such an idiot.
    Well I went out to buy some stuff for tomorrow, I'm going to London!

    Alone, well not technically alone, with a friend. No parents, no teachers, just us two on a trip in london :D

    It's gonna be sooo much fun! It was time for vacation, I've been doing nothing but work and go to school.

    There are plenty of stuffs on my mind but I just want to get away. Just leave for some days. Just have fun and not think.

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    18.06.2013 kl.18:21

    Eg vonar verkeleg at du tenkjer littegrann. Typ: pust inn, pust ut.

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