Apple Pie!

  • 05:01 | 17.06.2013

  • Hello hello!

    How are you all? No one is reading my blog, except for one who keeps checking on me all the time. I dunno who you are though... But thank you!
    SUMMER IS HERE!! YAY! Oh, how I've missed the sun! It's sooo nice to wear shorts and t-shirt and like walk around naked, hahahha!! Nah nah just kidding :P

    Some months ago, when it was cold and icy and snowy, I asked my friend if he wanted to make me some Apple Pie. I've never tasted pie before, and I really wanted to have something sweet to eat after tasting the Apple Cake at work :P

    My baking skills suck..so I couldn't make it myself hehehe.. Good thing I have friends XD
    Even though it was late (23PM) he still did what I asked and it was delicious! Although it was a bit too sweet :P

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    Iselin Rene

    17.06.2013 kl.08:26

    Det s utrolig godt ut :)


    17.06.2013 kl.10:07

    Aldri smakt eplepai fr. Men eg er ikkje s glad i eplekake, s eg trur eg ikkje kjem til vera glad i eplepai heller. Men skitt, kompisen din laga til og med lokk p! Det er kult.

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