My Style - 17.01.13 - GAME OVER

  • 15:32 | 13.02.2013

  • This is old.. Well the winter is killing me and I am thinking more of warmth than how I look.. So I haven't had anything special to show ._. I also have stopped using make up. I will not use foundation for this whole month and see how my skin will look like. It's been almost 2 weeks, and I've decided; I will never use foundation again. My skin is sooo nice now, I've stopped getting acne and I now love Biotherm Aquasource! I still use eyemakeup though, or else I would look like a total kid hahah XD

    Hah! I've also FINALLY got a job!! The pay is SUPER! 150kr/h HOHOHOHO!! And all I do is sit on a chair XD

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