The Deceiving Eye

  • 20:41 | 27.01.2013

  • I wanted to make something for the eye. Haha sounds weird, i know. What I meant was; I wanted to make something to fool the eye. I wanted to make it to seem like the picture was moving when the eye saw it. But I failed. It is not moving, but disturbing. Because the eye is not able to see every little detail, unless you zoom into it 100x :P So your head might hurt if you stare at it too long. My head does :P

    I made this 1 year ago along with "Shapes Within Shapes". I finished it on paper, but I wanted to fix some details to make it better. But the tablet did not work as it was supposed to on my old computer. And also my computer died as well...

    I still had it in my head and well now that UKM is coming along I thought that I could enter with this one :P So for these past weeks I've been working non stop with this. I've been sleeping 4 am. at every weekend to finish this. Being an (noob) artist is hard lol XD

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