African Dinner

  • 18:35 | 29.12.2012

  • So I went over to my friend yesterday, and even though I've known him for 10 years, it was the first time I was at his place.. Like not just dropping by, but seriously staying at his place, meeting his family and doing stuff together... Sounds weird but somehow it ended up that way XD His mother made some food and I was hungry and I wanted to know how african food tasted like.


    He gave me a huge bowl. In that bowl there was this weird soup, it wasn't "soup" soup cause it was really sticky.. And there was this huge "bread" thing made of sweet potatoes mashed and teared together, and then cooked together..


    I have to say it was really weird, but it was delicous :D It had a special taste. Everytime when I take a new bite I first smell this weird sense of alcohol, but it disappears real quick, then a special sour taste follows up, then you feel the stickiness of the potato and the "soup", then you swallow and your mouth taste nothing..

    It's really special, and you just have to eat it to understand what I mean hahaha XD Also I kinda failed cause my friend told me that you have to eat with your hands to really enjoy the food, but I used a spoon instead hahaha XD

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