Christmas is all about getting fat

  • 03:24 | 25.12.2012

  • Christmas is the time when everyone eats load of carbs and shit and get fat, together. It is the time of the year when nobody cares what they put in their mouth. They just stuff their faces with everything they see. I love xmas. Xmas means food, and I love food. Especially xmas food! But there are also times when you just want to relax in front of the fireplace to get warm and drink a hot cup og cocoa. Or grill marshmallows ^^


    Mmmmm~~~! So yummy and delicious~~~!


    I honestly never think of what I stuff my mouth with. If it tastes good I will eat until I cannot eat any longer, then wait 30min and eat desert hahah xD Of course I do exercise, so that I won't kill my body :P

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