My wish was granted way before xmas

  • 02:28 | 25.12.2012

  • Hello hello! It's been some time yes. It's been such a busy month, I've been singing in church 2 times and I've had concerts, and I've had plenty of reports to write and submit... High school isn't as hard as I thought, but my grades aren't the best either.. So I really have to get better ._. Well it is now xmas and all I have to say is MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you guys have had a fun and cheerful day! I didn't buy any xmas gifts this year so I didn't get much, BUT I made some gingermen and whitecakemen (?) and handed them out to my friends ^^ What I got was money and candy hahah XD
    For me xmas came some weeks ago. That's when I got what I wanted; a gameboy and pokemon. + I got PSP and GTA...


    I planned on buying a gameboy but instead my friend just gave it to me.. He just gave me a PSP and Gameboy and GTA..Out of nowhere. Well I am VERY grateful! Cause I LOVE them soooo much!! I love them more than jewelry! I am very easy to please, just buy me food or give me a game haha xD 23

    GAH!! LOOK AT IT!! ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL?! I just LOVE IT soooo much! I wish they still kept the design like this.. It's so much cuter than the new DS's .___.

    When I got home I went on Finn.no and bought myself a pokemon game right away haha XD My friend gave me Yoshi's Island. Omg, so many memories!! It felt like I was a child again. Oh childhood , I miss you :'(


    And just some days ago my other friend gave me his phone.. He bought it for like about 2 months ago, and he just got a Samsung S3. And I got his old phone HAHAH!! I really love my life ^^

    Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Years humans!!

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