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  • 23:29 | 09.12.2012

  • Hello~~ I've noticed that I no longer make posts about my daily life..Only about my outfits or if something BIG happens,which is not often. Not many are reading my blog, that's probably because I'm not so active. I don't read others blogs or comment on their posts. And therefore I get nothing from them.. Which has resulted in me not blogging that much about my life. I don't live an interesting life. And there's no point in writing the same everyday... Anyways I'm just rambling, so here's a good nigth post from me XD

    Btw, I colored my hair again, on monday. It's much darker now. It is a dark purple red. Turned out darker than I expected on my neon red... But now I don't have to worry about my roots hhehe :P

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    09.12.2012 kl.23:37

    Hej :)

    Hur har din helg varit ? :)



    10.12.2012 kl.11:53

    Du burde berre starta med ein snn dag-til-dag-oppdatering med hret ditt. Forandrar seg s ofte >3>

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