Barry M; Touch of magic pink

  • 20:40 | 25.11.2012

  • Hello, humans :D Sorry for not blogging awhile, but I've been busy, as always hehe :P Well, I've been shopping on eBay and       I've got some of the items some weeks/days ago. I bought this lipstick from Barry M. I've never heard of them before and did      not think that this kind of lipstick existed, until I tried my friends lipstick.


    It is green, but when it touches your skin it turns into a very pretty pink. The color depends on your skins pigments, so each   girl will get their own uniqe color :D 

    How awezume isn't that! And not only do you get your own lip color, BUT it is SUPER waterproof! It freaking stays on your      lips the whole day! No matter what you eat or drink, it is still there. You will never have to do touch ups with this XD

    BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER


    I LOVE this lipstick! It will stay on forever! And even if it fades, it turns into a very cute pink :D BTW: The color is actually much much stronger irl ^^

    I recommend EVERYONE to buy this XD

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