My Style 03.11.2012

  • 19:11 | 08.11.2012

  • Hehe, I finally bought some skeleton tights ^^ I really liked this look, even though I stood out but fuck it. I am already an asian with purple hair, why not just go all the way XD I seriously love my Dr. Marten shoes :D Even though they're fake..But no one can tell MUAHAHHA!!! I really have to get better at blogging..I gotta get back to the community hahah :P



    How was your halloween btw ^^?

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    08.11.2012 kl.19:13

    Utrolig stilig! :)


    08.11.2012 kl.19:15

    Kjempe fin blogg, st p videre!

    Hadde blitt utrolig glad for en kommentar tilbake ♥


    08.11.2012 kl.19:18

    oi, spesielt, men stilig!:)

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    I am pretty much a stereotype asian.