Turning page - Sleeping at last (live cover)

  • 15:42 | 04.11.2012

  • So here is a video of me and my friend ^^ I've been learning piano for 2 months, so I am not a pro. It took me 3 days to learn this song and 2 days to learn tir na noir. My friend just called me one Saturday night and asked me if I wanted to play the guitar for a friend of mine. And I just said yes.. hahah xD I had no idea of what I said yes to... But it was fun. Even though it was the most tiring week I've ever had... I think i overused my brain HAHAH! Well my friend ( the one who's singing) also had a tough week, she had to learn the lyrics in 3 days and not only that she had to learn 3 other lyrics, and those were opera. Yeah , she's an opera singer :P


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