Dyed my head PINK!

  • 03:32 | 30.09.2012

  • Hehe, so hello there! I've got a BIG announcement to make; I HAVE PINK HAIR! And I don't even like pink.. It's just that I bleached my head for too long, and my hair got too light, and so when I added the color, it turned out um..pink XD It was acutally supposed to be maybe 2 shades darker or something... And it was supposed to be red, with pink tones .__.

    It is SUPER pink and well..It is kinda awezume HAHAH! Well I can't dye it yet, cause It has only been like 10hours or something since I dyed it...So I'm gonna give it 1 week, maybe 2, and see if the colors any better, if not then I will redye it to violet :P

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