My Style 28.09.2012

  • 03:25 | 30.09.2012

  • So this is what I wore for 2 days ago :D I didn't find anything to wear, so I ended up with a skirt , hehe! It felt really weird, since I don't usually wear skirts, but it was fun ^^ I haven't blogged because I don't have Photoshop on my mac.. And I kinda don't want to crack either...Since this is not my mac, yet. BUT I found Photobucket :D I remember I used it like years ago BEFORE i got Photoshop, AND I LOVE IT! It is sooooo much better than Gimp! Hehe, so I've been editing pictures for like 3 hours now? And here are some of them ^^


    This is how I looked like for 2 days ago (since it is over midnight, but it was actually yesterday), I do NOT look like this now...I have pink hair XD

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