I *heart* SUN!

  • 23:21 | 28.06.2012

  • It's been lots of rain and cloudy lately, but finally TODAY IT IS SUNNY!! OH! How much I love the sun :D It is so warm and shiny and makes me so happy! I love summer in Norway, cause the sun is up pretty much 24/7 ^^ And well, here is what I've been doing :

    Colored my hair red, cause well I wanted to XD

    This is how it looks like in the sun ^^

    And tomorrow I'll be going to Oslo to go shopping and see artists sing -w-

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    29.06.2012 kl.00:10

    fine bilder! :-)


    29.06.2012 kl.09:30

    aw, s herleg. Eg har brukt sola p liggje inne med hovudverk. m(_ _)m

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