My new-life plan

  • 01:09 | 22.06.2012

  • So, since it's summer I've got lots of time. This is actually my first summer vacation since 2010, I've been working the other years. And well instead of sitting inside and like die in front of the computer, why not do something like, you know, get a new life?

    So I've been making this plan which I am going to follow the whole summer starting tomorrow XD

    I am going to excercise EVERYDAY, because I am not in shape. My stamina sucks..And I am not able to run as fast as before, so I am going to fix that :P Also I need muscles. My body don't wanna gain fat so I am going to gain muscles instead -w- So if I get raped I can fight my way out ^^

    I am also going to get better at playing the guitar and piano, and I am going to draw more, and get some nice skillz~~ So that I later can brag/know that I am good at it XD I am also going to eat more healthier food -w- Other than that nothings really happening in my life :P

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    22.06.2012 kl.08:50

    God plan! Berre at eg syntest du burde legga inn litt tid til vera sosial. Og trene musklane dine kvar dag er ikkje bra. Du m la musklane kvile minst ein dag for at dei skal klare byggja seg opp igjen (og bli strre). Prv heller p rotera p kva for ei muskelgruppe du trenar!

    //Yesh. Eg har ny blogg i det minste. S fr me sj kva det blir ut av det.

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