Do not underestimate the word "Exam"

  • 00:23 | 13.06.2012

  • So In 2 days I've been working on my English exam which I am going to have tomorrow. I got the task to write about the conflicts and peace in Northern Ireland. I've written everything down on paper, made the PowerPoint presentation BUT I CAN'T GET IT IN MY HEAD! Everything I've written I CAN'T REMEMBER! I hate history D: IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH BETTER IF I GOT SCINCE!! I hate that I'm lazy .__. It really annoys me how lazy I am, and that I know how lazy I am but still won't change lol. So everythings particularly my own fault TWT

    (Picture by somewhere and someone on weheartit)

    There's been SOO many things that have happened and I have to remember them! I mean IT'S FUCKING 400 YEARS HISTORY, AND I HAVE TO PRESENT IT IN 15 MINUTES! AND FUCKING REMEMBER EVERYTHING! Meh, lazy ass me.. If I find this little thing difficult, I bet I'm gonna die on my new school .__.

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    Christine Dattebayo c:

    20.06.2012 kl.21:23

    Hper det gikk bra p eksamen! :D

    // Yaaay, s bra at du vil laste den ned! Mtte lete litt etter torrenten, siden det ikke var jeg som fant den, men hun som eier Alchemist.blogg.no fant den ^^ Men her er den: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=185895 hihihhi :D

    Christine Dattebayo c:

    21.06.2012 kl.22:39

    // Bra det c:

    Hihihi, det som er planen min ogs :D

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