Birthday Party !

  • 20:41 | 10.06.2012

  • So, yesterday I celebrated my Birthday (which is actually tomorrow :P) and I had a great time :D I was kinda expecting some more um..chaos, but nothing really happened -w- There were more emo ppl than I thought there would be, but it's just how it is. There will always be some emo's at a party .__.

    Here are some of my friends, the rest sat on the side ^^

    And here I am, singing, or rather screaming XD Lol O kinda killed my friends ears AHAHA!!

    And then a picture of the rest who were still there at the end of the day, not long after this picture was taken, everyone went home.

    Heh, I've been editing lots of pictures today. And now I have pictures ready to print out so that I can put them in my little memo book ^^ So I have photos from my birthday yesterday, last year, england trip in 2010, madrid trip in 2011 and my vacation in Vietnam in 2012 :D My life is sooo much fun ^^ Maybe I'll transfer my trip in Vietnam and Japan from 2007 into that book too o.O?

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