My Style 07.06.2012

  • 23:07 | 07.06.2012

  • Lol, I felt like a total dude today when I wore this.. I got lots of eyes on me as well, not sure if it was positive or negative e_e Anyways, all I kinda needed to complete this look was a board. I kinda planned to roll around on my Waveboard..But dropped it cause else I would be late for the dentist appointment :P I found this denim jacket again today after not finding it for like 2-3 years, and this is the first time I use it XD I found it in a second hand store and it was actually new, cause the tag and everything was still on O.o So, yay for me ^^

    I totally forgot to take pictures of the back, but it has a tiny tiny USA flag and under says "FIDODIDO USA" in big sewed in letters. Which I have no idea what it means O.o

    I kinda always end my outfit posts with a pic of myself, so why not on this one too XD?

    PS! I don't have any pictures from my Sweden trip cause my camera broke when i was driving a roller coaster..It kinda fell off from the roller coaster while I was in it ...BUT I will tell the story another time, I actually have 3 stories to tell ^^

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