My Style 30.05.2012

  • 17:23 | 31.05.2012

  • Yeah.. I haven't blogged much lately.. But then again, not that many reads my blog. And well I kinda wanna know who they are .___. Nothings really happening, except for exam, and the class tour in Sweden on Saturday to Monday. And like lots and lots of Bday parties, including my own :P I'm having a break out, my skin is fucking ugly and I hate it! I mean it was SO pretty a while ago, and then suddenly IT GOES TO HELL!! So every time i go out I'm like..Fuck, gotta use make up >> I hate to be ugly, gad! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!

    My hat is awzume XD It's too big , but still love it :P

    Shoes -w-

    And I had to edit ALOT to make my skin look like this... So cya :D

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    Susanne - mystylechoices

    31.05.2012 kl.18:46

    Du er s kul! Elsker bloggen din!


    31.05.2012 kl.20:19

    Stilig antrekk! Digger capsen :P

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