• 18:18 | 22.05.2012

  • Yeah, I've been gone for awhile, but that's because I've been busy with school and therefore haven't been any interesting stuff to blog about. Well, I've been working on my art project and it was finally done last week. So now there are 16 pictures of me, on a wall, at school...And 300+ people are able to see it each time they walk past the wall .___.

    What else? I had my exam yesterday. It was math and well, it went to hell. Other things? I found out that alcohol can do LOTS of things to people...Especially to those who have never been drinking before. Beware for the alcoholvirgins. Teach them how to drink properly, so that you won't end up with a broken house...Just saying.

    Other than those 3 things; IT'S FUCKING SUMMER!! FINALLY THE SUN IS HERE!

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    (Fresh from shower after tanning lol XD)

    I've been waiting FOREVER for the sun , so that i can sweat, tan and walk in shorts 24/7! And I don't have school tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! YAAYAYA!! And right now I'm redownloading online games on my laptop, cause I've fucking missed gaming XD I'm thinking of buying a new PC as well, cause, well I am a gamer and I do not like to game without proper gaming things, lol XD

    Which is the reason why i undownloaded the games i had, and now redownloading cause I miss it so much -w-

    Oh well, now I'm gonna eat and then start gaming HOHOHOOH!!

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