Cut my hair! Before&After pics!

  • 21:29 | 09.05.2012

  • Well I kinda got bored of my hair and I had lots of split ends and dry hair, and using conditioner just didn't work, and I wanted a change and therefore I cut my hair :D I didn't really know what hairstyle to get and well somehow a bob came to mind. It ment removing more than half of my head, but hey, it's not like the first time I've done that XD So I went to the salon with pretty much no ideas, and I asked the stylist if a bob would suit me, and what kind of hairstyles suit my faceshape. And well after probably 10minutes we both agreed on what to do and she killed my hair.




    All in all I like it -w- It suits me more than I thought o_O And well now I'm going to let it grow and then dip dye my head, and probably get a sidecut later ^^

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    22.05.2012 kl.18:46

    Du ble kjempefin med kort hr! Du kledde det! :D

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