"I got raped...Almost.Kinda."

  • 15:35 | 07.05.2012

  • I've thought of making a video of myself talking (in norwegian) about some topics that have been on my mind. And I WOULD have made one 1 week ago or something but unfortunately something terrible happened. I got an infection right above my right eye..So today I went to the doctor and they opened my head and squished all the bacteria out and now I am sitting here with a big white bandagiething on my head. So whenever I meet some stranger on the street they stare .___. Not only that but I get the question "OMG! WTF HAPPENED TO YOU!?" and reaction from my friends, and I stare at them and say "I almost got raped" or "I got into a fight" or something like that (with a poker face), and they totally fall for it..somehow e__e

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