Photoshoot: Sexy MAMA!

  • 14:03 | 30.04.2012

  • HAH! I have to say I look hot as hell lol. I never really thought I would look hot or sexy or at least female at all, but seriously this project convinced me. I am HOT! Well or I CAN be if I WANT to HAHHAA!! Oh and why Sexy MAMA? Because I look hot and because I had the song MAMA from EXO-K when I thought of the name :P Everything is done by me. Makeup,clothes, style , picture and PS. Ye I know, I'm such a loner .__.

    I have to say, It was hard to not look like a slut...Or maybe i do look like a slut e.e Anyways these are the pics which I am going to print and let 300+ students see..AHAHAHA!! Let's hope they won't think of me as a slut .__.

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    Madelene Lisella

    04.05.2012 kl.04:24

    tft! liker nr folk blir kreative p denne mten :)

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    , Porsgrunn

    I am pretty much a stereotype asian.