Photoshoot: Erokawa!

  • 21:11 | 29.04.2012

  • So here is ONE of the theme's/outfits I made/planned out and took pictures of :D Uhm.. I have to say;I look hot lol XD I am going to print them out and put them together, like a collage, and show them to 300+ students at school. Yay... Anyways Erokawa means Erotic Kawaii, which means SEXYHAWTCUTEPIE!! Kind of -w- And LOOK AT MY GUITAR (S)!! ISN'T IT HOOOT!!!?!

    Fuck, I have to fix my stomach e.e

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    G R E T H E -

    29.04.2012 kl.21:16



    29.04.2012 kl.21:23

    Nice pictures! :)


    29.04.2012 kl.23:16

    I actually enjoyed those pictures a lot. I think you should do it more often you have talent and yeah, you're just amazing!

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