Another DIY Tee :P

  • 22:18 | 26.04.2012

  • Can't believe I used 5 hours to fucking clean..No shiet. Cleaned the bathroom, my own room, reorganised the shoes and clothes + made some/redid some clothes :D Most of them were shorts, and well It's not so interesting to see lol. BUT here's a T which I destroyed and remade ^^

    I was about to throw this away, and well then I got the idea to experiment on it, and now I'm keeping it lol XD Also I REALLY want to dip dye my hair, I just don't know what color D: Right now my hair's a redbrown color, and well I am planning to have black hair again, but not so sure right now..

    Know any color that fits black?

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    26.04.2012 kl.22:56

    s sykt kult! <3<3

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