France - Besancon Part 5

  • 21:10 | 24.04.2012

  • So this is the last part :D And it contains pictures of what we did in our free time ^^

    We went shopping (ofc) ALOT! I fucking burned my wallet/card cause everything was so fucking cheap lol XD

    We went to eat, which we did alot too. I think most of my monet went to food e.e Again because everything was so fucking cheap lol.

    Then later at night we would eat more. Gash seriously we ate ALL the time. Every chance we got we ate XD

    Some of the girls went out at night to explore the night city, I on the other hand WAS FUCKING SICK! Either that or my teacher forced me to stay home because I had to make the video TwT Fuck I never got the chance to eat this D:<

    And then one day I decided to color my hair because I found some real cheap and nice hair color. It didn't go so well because I totally forgot to buy gloves, and lots of other things than my hair got red, and on the same night a computer got crushed .___.

    Her er et håndkle som jeg brukte, heldigvis var det ikke hotellet sitt e__e

    And then we went Go Kart-ing :D Which was very fun! BUT my car got fucked and so I lost TwT

    HAH! That's me there, the last one XD

    And I'm pretty much ending this post with this very awezume picture of my friends having a "party" while watching the rest drive, lol xD

    And 10 days later after this I went to Madrid, which is going to be on another post :D

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    25.04.2012 kl.17:37

    Sv: Hei! Jeg kjøpte sånn billigbleking fra h&m, da måtte jeg bleke det to ganger på samme dag, brukte bare en pakke. Men det spørs vel kanskje hvor bra blekingen er. Jeg har litt splitte/slitte tupper, men tok sjansen på å bleke det, og det gikk overraskende bra! :D Det ble litt tørt i starten, men etter noen vask med hårkurer så går det helt fint :D Håper dette var til hjelp og lykke til med blekingen! :D

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