France - Besancon Part 4

  • 20:55 | 24.04.2012

  • There are still some more pictures left from my trip to France and so here is the part from when we were at school and when we were having fun with the students ^^

    Here is the school, i Have to say it was HUGE! AND superhightech O.o

    When we came to the school we felt like celebrities lol XD They were like "OMG!! NORWEGIANS!! BLONDIES!! HOTCHICKSANDDUDES!!" And well I was kinda scooping after some handsome/cute boys *w* in my defense, I was not the only one AHAHAHAH!

    My teacher interviewing the students for me to make a movie from it...You have no idea how tired I was after making the movie e.e

    Yay having fun waiting for teachers and some other students and stuff, u know the usual -w-

    Slacking around, waiting for the teachers ( this was on a different day -w-)

    I got the chance to befriend with a french girl and her family. The house was made of cement, the house was really small, and they didn't take off their shoes when they entered the house o__o Btw the girl I visites had 2 houses and like a huuuuuuuuge garden!! (this is one of their houses..)

    I had lunch at their house, and I have to say it totally looked liked dinner e.e

    The "hotdog" dunno wtf I should call it was some superspeacialtypcalthing and the supercheezy cheese (which tasted like heaven btw) was something superspecialrecepie which their grandma had made. All in all I felt like I was some super special guest O___O And I totally LOVE THEIR FUCKING FOOOD!

    So while eating lunch and trying to have a conversation with my poor french and their poor english and drawing and stuff like that, I got on the topic that I wanted to try and eat snails, and where could I eat them, so the mother went somewhere and came back with a frozen bag og snails..and made some for me, and after that fed me more with some sweet dessert -w- Anyways the snails tasted really yummy XD

    And some days after going to that school, we got some new friends, and so they guided us from place to place in Besancon and played with us lol XD

    I am supposed to read for a test tommorow but meh..Need a break lol XD

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    Fine bilder! :D

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