Pretty much having a photoshoot right now..

  • 17:29 | 22.04.2012

  • So..the reason for why I haven't blogged for awhile is because I've been working on my Art-project. I've been using my time to make clothes, find ideas for the different scenes, hairstyles and make up, etc. And just today I've finally gotten my ass up and fixing the "studio". And after hours of struggling with 2 different cameras and trying to figure out what the fuck to do I just gave up, and now know the reason for why one of them didn't cooperate >> Geez, thanks TV for telling me AFTER I've gotten home ... Anyways I ended up using my tiny petty little digi cam Sony or sumthin, and it works pretty well for my surprise O.o I just tested it out and it's not so bad ... Just gotta work with the angle and pretty much my poses e.e

    Here's my make up :D Which turned out pretty nice!

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