France - Besancon Part III

  • 20:53 | 18.04.2012

  • Here are more pictures of the town ^^ Seriously I love subway!!

    "Let me take you to the candy shop~~" Llalallaal *singing* I look so fucking short in these photos e.e

    I REALLY wanted to ride on this one! But..I never got to do it ;__; Well atleast I got a picture of it XD

    A very beautifull bridge which I never crossed e__e Because the town was huge and so I think I only saw 1/3 of it..or maybe not even close O.o

    Awezume people doing awezume things at the park ^^

    We went to a zoo-kind-of-thing and well I got sick so I had to go back to the hotel which I didn't want to do TwT

    I crossed this bridge everyfucking day. Why? because over there is where there's food and lots of shops to do shopping in lol XD

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    18.04.2012 kl.21:26

    Kjempefine bilder! :D

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