France - Besancon Part II

  • 20:34 | 18.04.2012

  • What we did was going to museums, lots of them. I didn't find any of them interesting though..

    Don't we look cute :D

    And well, after some hours we got hungry and ate like these kebabs and I must say THEY TASTE LIKE HEAVEN! AND Super cheap!! + super big too *w*

    Subway YAY :D

    I REALLY liked the streets there! Was so pretty and cute and you would find something surpirsing at each turn!

    The market ^^ There were all kind of stuff there..Chanel, Dior,Lacoste everything O__O

    A book store , FULL OF ANIME AND MANGA!! And there were YAOI THERE! OMFG!! I was like aghshjjfajsasf *DROOOL*

    And then we went shopping of course -w- Which I unfortunately have no pictures of because well I was too busy shopping and taking the camera inn and out was a nuisance lol :P

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