Update and pictures of myself :D

  • 22:06 | 14.04.2012

  • Hehe, going out to town with only 100kr and thinking there will probably be nothing interesting, is just stupid ._. GAH! I found some rings that I wanted to buy BUT I didnt have enought money TwT And I was kinda hungry + Xitella didn't have money and she was hungry and so I bought food instead XP And so we went round and round town since she didn't have keys to her home and her mom was somewhere else .__. And then we parted ways and I went somewhere and now I am here writing this post to inform you that I am now editing a DIY video :D

    And here is a little preview (kind of, since you can just see a small part of it..) and lots of photos of me camwhoring :D So cya later!!

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