I made a skirt :D

  • 20:55 | 12.04.2012

  • HEllo~~ I finished my skirt today :D The color is very uhm..Strong (?) lol, but that's because I have this theme idea thingie to a project at school. I am really into colors now, dunno why, but I want to have a crazy lollipop-rainbowdashunicorn thing. I am going to make all the clothes, do my hair and make up for each look, take the pictures by myself and edit them and hope that my teacher will like it :D I have to make 1 more skirt and 1 more dress and then I'm done and can start with my forever alone photoshoot :D I have to be done within 15. May and well, I am not sure if that's enought time but let's say I have super powers YAY!

    And here comes a gif containing pictures of me making weird faces -w-

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    12.04.2012 kl.22:09

    Nice skirt ! Likte fargen :)


    13.04.2012 kl.16:02

    Love the skirt! :D

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